10 Cool Facts About Katy Perry

The best pop singer nominee of Grammy Award will be revealed in the facts about Katy Perry. Katy Perry is a talented singer who still works in the musical world in the United States. As a daughter in a religious family, Katy shows the world that gospel music is not the only references. Let’s see what she has!

Facts About Katy Perry 1: Katy is A Californian Girl

She was born in California with a real name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Katy Perry is her stage name, and Perry is taken from her mother’s maiden name.

Facts About Katy Perry 2:  Her Vocal Range Is Unique

Her influence of music is Alanis Morissette and Freddy Mercury, the king of Queen. Her vocal range is categorized as contralto vocal. It is the mix between Alanis’ and Freddy.

Facts About Katy Perry 3: Katy Is an Expert In Gospel Music

She was born among the religious family. Since she was a kid, her father introduced gospel music to her. She finally got the soul and released an album in Gospel Music.

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Facts About Katy Perry 4: A Producer Caught Her When She Was Singing In The Choir

A guy from Nashville, Tennesee caught her when she was singing on the stage. He asked Katy to come with him to learn how to play guitar and how to write.

Facts About Katy Perry 5: Left Home To Help Glen Bllard

It was when she was 17 and she decided to broaden her knowledge in music by going to Los Angeles. She the worked together with Glen Ballard who worked as well with Alanis Morrisette.

Facts About Katy Perry 6: One of her songs got into the soundtrack of a movie

The Sisterhood and Travelling Pants uses Katy’s song Long Shot. It was difficult for her to get into the record label, and finally that movie saved her.

 Facts About Katy Perry 7: Katy Does Her Album By Herself

Her album, The Next Big Thing was done by herself. It was because the album had appeared first in the magazine before she was releasing the album. So she did a flashlight project to finish the album

Facts About Katy Perry 8: She Became The Nominee of Best Female Artist in 2009

There were two hit singles that brought her to the nomination in Grammy Award in 2009; they are “ I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot and Cold”.

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Facts About Katy Perry 9:  She Learned Italian Opera Singing

Katy loves to broaden her knowledge in music. With her passion, she used to learn opera singing in Italy with a special major in Italian Opera singing.

Facts About Katy Perry 10: Katy Had To Only Listen to Gospel Music

Katy’s parents wanted her only to listen to gospel music. Her mom is a strict Christian so Katy was not allowed to have any music references except gospel music. Her parents are both pastors and they have their own church.

Her career is now in the sky. Many people know her very much. However, her love path is not as good as her career. Do you know more facts about Katy Perry?