10 Facts About Kabuki Theater

Have you ever heard of Kabuki Theater? These 10 Facts About Kabuki Theater will give you the clues. This performing art was invented in Japan by Japanese author. It is one of the ancient Japanese cultures that has very big impact to the society in Japan. If you go to Japan, enjoying Kabuki Theater is a must. As it is a theater performance, mostly people just come and go to see it purely as a performance. Japan has lots of high quality art performances. It is one of the oldest. This time Worlds Facts will blow your mind with 10 facts that rarely people know. Here we go, buddy!

Facts about Kabuki Theater 1: It Is One of Ancient Traditional Performing Arts in Japan

The first facts about Kabuki Theater will discuss about Kabuki Theater that is one of the cultural heritage. It has been famous since it’s early invented in the early 17th century.

Facts about Kabuki Theater 2: The Richness of Kabuki Comes from the Word Kabuku

It was Kabuku as the origin of the word Kabuki. The word itself means to lean. During the periods, this word then became the structure on how the movement and outfits are loud. One of the facts of Kabuki Theater is that you need to prepare to hear many loud voices and movements on the stage.

kabuki performance art

Kabuki Player

Facts about Kabuki Theater 3: Some of the Performers were Prostitutes

During the ancient period, all of the performers were sex workers.  Youjyo Kabuki was one of the parts in Kabuki Theater.

Facts about Kabuki Theater 4: The Complexity of Contemporary and Traditional Performing Art

The history itself is full of complexity. It brings to the richness and it is highly appreciated performing art in the world. Therefore, Kabuki Theater becomes one of the oldest in the world.

Facts about Kabuki Theater 5: Women Performance Were Banned

One of the story acts are erotic and sensual. In the earlier time, women also participated to play the role. However, the audiences were out of control during the erotic scene played by the women. Now, women can’t participate to play roles in Kabuki Theater.

Facts About Kabuki Theater 6: Young Actors Were Homophobic in the Earlier Days

Homophobic young boys were famous to play role in the past. Most of them are homophobic actors.

kabuki theater

kabuki theater performance

Facts About Kabuki Theater 7:  Patriarchy Was Well Presented in Japan

The treatment of women when the theater were playing, represented how the men took control of everything. The result is that the women are the sex objects during that period.

Facts About Kabuki Theater 8: A Moral Value as The Purpose of the Performance

As it is an ancient Japanese theater, it has aim to teach the moral values of Japanese people. In Japan, Kabuki Theater is used as the moral tool to teach children.

Facts About Kabuki Theater 9: The Black Dressed Men in the Backstage

There are several important people who dressed in black to help the performers during the show. It has purpose to be invisible so their appearance will not disturb the show.

kabuki theater

kabuki theater

Facts About Kabuki Theater 10: Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

UNESCO decided to give the appreciation for Kabuki Theater. They said that it is the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

It is important to keep our heritage by learning and understanding it. That is how Japanese people do with Kabuki Theater. Do you know other facts about Kabuki theater that’s not mentioned here?