10 Facts About Kabul

On this article We will talk about facts about Kabul. When you hear or read about Kabul, the first thing you know is the capital city of Afghanistan. Besides the political condition, it has treasures that travelers can explore. Cultures and heritage are the key points for you. Don’t be afraid to fly to this beautiful region, you will find the opposite truth there. This facts about Kabul will give you secrets about the facts of this city. Are you ready for your flight ticket?

Facts about Kabul 1: The largest city in Afghanistan

As the capital city, Kabul has large population. This condition makes the region as the largest city in Afghanistan. People mostly live as the middle class workers.

Facts about Kabul 2: Warm and Welcome People Are Here!

Contrast image can be seen when you first get there. As the medias report that Afghanistan is the dangerous country, the people prove it wrong. They will give you their welcome and warm smile! Kabul will give you the warm atmosphere.


Kabul Skyview

Facts About Kabul 3: They live happily in a Diversity

The majority of people’s religion is Islam. However, they live peacefully with the other religious. Even with the religious tribes!

Facts About Kabul 4: Goat Grabbing is Well Known as Their Olympic Sport

Goat Grabbing is the national sport in Kabul. Then, they decided to make it as an Olympic Sport. It is performed as one of the unique sport in the world.

Facts About Kabul 5: Not only in Europe, Kabul has Winter Too!

If you think that this city is super hot, you are wrong. Kabul has snow as well and you don’t need to go to Switzerland to enjoy it.

Facts About Kabul 6: Nowraz is The Name of New Year’s Celebration

They celebrate New Year on the 21th of March. When you come to Kabul during New Year, you will find many celebrations, people, and culinary things along the street.


Kabul Market

Facts About Kabul 7: There are Several Tribes Living in Kabul

There are also several ethnic groups living in Kabul. They even have their own anthems. However, they can respect each other. Interesting, isn’t it?

Facts About Kabul 8: The Currency Called Afhghanis

Be the first person who knows the currency they use in their country. Mostly people have no idea what currency they have. Afghanis is the name of the currency they use in Kabul.

Facts About Kabul 9: Shah-Do Shamsira Mosque is the Beauty of Kabul

You will find many mosques. But this mosque is the most beautiful one. The architecture and the history have magnets to call tourists to visit Kabul.

Kabul Pedestrian

Kabul Pedestrian

Facts About Kabul 10: Poetry is One of The Greatest Influence in Art and Literature

Like Shakespeare, Kabul has several literary works that came from great authors. Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner, were born in Kabul.

Those are facts about Kabul. It’s time to plan some places to visit in Kabul. If you have stayed in Kabul, I’m sure that you know other facts about Kabul.