10 Facts About Kachina Dolls

In this session we are going to discuss about 10 facts about Kachina Dolls will be discussed for you who are interested in ethnic and cultures, here we go! You come to the right website. Native Indian tribes had spiritual belief that they transformed into Kachina dolls. Wood root is the main material to make this dolls. They believed that the spirits on it will bring luck and happy life for the people. The art of craving the dolls increases year by year. They created ornaments in each dolls. It represented as the artworks of Indian Tribe. Without writing too much, lets start to see the secrets of 10 facts about Kachina Dolls:

Facts About Kachina Dolls 1: Kachina Dolls are The Symbol of The God’s Messenger from Native American Cultures

Kachina comes from the belief of Pueblo village. Due to the dry season in a year, they asked for a help through the dolls to pour the rain in the earth. Soon after it, the rain fell and they could grow their foods again. This native American cultures is very interesting to learn.

Facts About Kachina Dolls 2: The Origin is from Native Indian Tribe

Kachina Dolls are believed by Native Indian Tribe as the spirit beings. They created the representation of God by inventing these dolls.


Collection of Kachina Dolls

Facts About Kachina Dolls 3: It is an Artwork yet Spiritual Symbol of the Cultures

If you see the form, you would think that those Kachina dolls are artworks. The shapes are mostly unique with its creation on its colour. Indian people put many symbols on it to categorize the spiritual representations.

Facts About Kachina Dolls 4: The Characters are Human and Animals

There are many characteristics you can find in these Kachina dolls. Mostly, the characters are humans such as clown or animals such as tiger,rabbit and many more.

Facts About Kachina Dolls 5: Indian Tribes Believe Kachina Dolls Are The Living Spirit

Although those are dolls, but the tribes believe they are alive. The spirit itself can be seen through the natural effects after they prayed to Kachina Dolls.

Facts About Kachina Dolls 6: The Dolls Are Used for Religious Ceremonies

In the past, native Indian just believed in many spiritual beings. One of them is Kachina dolls. That’s why they always used the dolls as the symbol in the religious ceremonies.


Kachina Dolls

Facts About Kachina Dolls 7: Particular Size Represented The Symbol

There are plenty of size you could find. However, it does not mean nothing. The symbol created on each dolls had an influence for how the spiritual beings in Kachina dolls were apreciated.

Facts About Kachina Dolls 8: Nowadays, You Can Buy It as a Gift

After the long period, finally you can have it as a gift. Usually people buy Kachina Dolls for women or kids,

Facts About Kachina Dolls 9: Art Crafting Represents The Ethnic Native American Tribes

Don’t be scared if you find strange ornaments and shapes appeared in the dolls creation. The ethnic tribes had their own artworks that was sacred. Each of symbols represented from which tribes the dolls are.

Single Kachina Doll

Single Kachina Doll

Facts About Kachina Dolls 10: 400 Types of Kachina Dools Portrays The Spirits

As there are plenty of types,they symbolized how many spirits they believed in. You can see the history of each doll then you can choose the ornament and shape according to what you believe in.

So, with these facts about Kachina dolls, do you still want to buy ordinary animal dolls? Grab them now to complete your collection!