10 Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond

Great things of 10 facts about Kaetlyn Osmond will be revealed on this article. If you are a fan of ice sport, you would be familiar with her name.  A young Canadian girl whose the winner of Canadian Championship. Her passion on skating brings her to her success on getting the first position of the most championships.  Let’s start for these amazing 10 facts about Kaetlyn Osmond.

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 1: She is Young Talented Skate Figure

The first facts about Kaetlyn Osmond will be revealed here. Before she took up her first skating lesson, she loved to skate when she was 3 years old. Since her city didn’t have much snow, she had to commute to another city every weekend with her family. On the age of 7, she moved to Quebec, where she could practice her skill during winter.

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 2: Her Skate Practice Began in Her Early Age

At age 4,when most of us were still playing with dolls, Kaetlyn Osmond had practised alot. Her skill was getting better and better.


Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 3: The First Medal Was From Canadians Championship

Her hardwork got paid when she had the first medal from the Canada Junior Championship on 2012. Since then, Kaetlyn Osmond started to work hard again, to pass the senior level.

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 4: She Got Her Debut in International Championship

Right after she passed the senior level, she went to the higher level of Championship. Canada Senior Championshiop then brought her to the first International Championship.

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 5: Her Coach is Ravi Walia

Her stunning performance came also from Ravi Walia. By his guidance, Kaetlyn Osmond masters several techniques. Ravi Walia himself is a Canadian skate figure. He got many medals from the championships during his life.

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 6: Her Inspirations Came from Her Sister

Natasha Osmond is the one that inspired Kaetlyn. She is also a skate figure in Canada. Her passion and interest on ice skating gave Kaetlyn an enlightenment!

Colleen De Neve/ Calgary Herald CALGARY, AB --FEBRUARY 25, 2014 -- Canadian figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond showed off her silver medal for the team skating competition as she arrived at the Calgary International Airport on February 24, 2014. (Colleen De Neve/Calgary Herald) (For City story by Val Fortney) 00053199A SLUG: OLY RETURNEES

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 7: Osmond has Spins And Clockwise Jumping Techniques

There are two things that always amazed the people: Spin and Clockwise Jumping techniques. Try to watch her performance and you would keep your eyes on her all the time!

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 8: People Called Her Star on Ice

The beauty of Kaetlyn Osmond has been caught by public. She stole public attention and many people called her Star on Ice. Trust us, she is way more stunning than the Snow Princess in the fairy tale!

Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 9: The Ankle Injuries

She got her ankle injured before coming to the World Championship. Instead of being stresful, she enjoyed the recovery time and the result is stunning: she got the medal for the World Senior Championship!


Facts About Kaetlyn Osmond 10: A street names after her in Marystown

Her debut on ice skating makes the Canadians proud to have her. She is the diamond of Canada that brings the country to the world championship on ice skating. People then give her reward by naming a street after her at her hometown.

So, those are the sneak peak and facts about Kaetlyn Osmond. Check her biography if you want to know her more. Then, come back to us to share other facts about Kaetlyn Osmond!