10 Facts About Kaieteur Falls

Let’s take a look on our 10 facts about Kaieteur Falls! This is other paradise you can enjoy during your summer holiday. If you never been in South America, it’s time to pack your stuff and travel. Guyana as the part of South America has its hidden paradise to discover. You will enjoy the wild life which live in the rain forest, and breathing the fresh air in the middle of rain forest. Here we are on the 10 facts about Kaieteur Falls:

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 1: It Is Located In Guyana

South America probably will never impress you. But Guyana is everyone’s obsession. One of the biggest waterfalls in the world is in Guyana’s region. The beauty of this falls is superb. Will you miss this place for your travel list?

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 2: One of The Biggest Single Drop Waterfalls

The other big waterfalls are Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara Falls. They are famous with the big drop of the falls. Kaieteur is in between. However, you can’t imagine how big it is until you come to visit this place!


Facts About Kaieteur Falls 3: It Has The Oldest Layer of Rocks on Earth

According to the history, Kaieteur Falls has the oldest layer of rocks. The archeology said it is about 2,99 billion years. Probably, mammoths and friends were here too!

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 4: You Will Find Many Wild Life Which Will Be Rarely Found

Have you ever seen flowers which eat animals or insect? If you haven’t yet, you can come here and you will be amazingly stunned by the action of this flower. You will also see how the mosquitos bite other animals and insects. Don’t forget to put on your mountain shoes when you come here.

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 5: It Is Surrounded By Beautiful Rainforest

Rainforest is always beautiful. In Kaieteur, you will pass through the rainforest before seeing the giant drops of water. You can enjoy the fresh air along the path while enjoying the colorful insects.

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 6: Amerindians Were Living in the The Area Of Kaieteur


The Amerindian chief was living here in the past. Actually, Kai comes from the name of the Amerindian chief. He sacrificed his life for the divine intervention. Teur itself is falls according to the language.

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 7: Rainbow View Is One Of The Treasures Here!

When you get closer to the giant drop, you will pass the great view called rainbow view. It is actually because the wafting mist that comes from the falls. When the sun shines, you can see the rainbow in the middle. Be careful in this area because it’s slippery and also close to the edge of the ledge.

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 8: Beautiful Gold Frogs Along The Way

The beautiful yet rare thing you can find here is the gold frogs. Along the way to the falls, you will find the gold frogs are hiding or jumping behind the stones. Looks cute, huh?

Facts About Kaieteur Falls 9: Be Ready For The Boy Scout’s View

This is the gate of the Kaieteur Falls. From here, your eyes will see the frontal landscape of the Giant Falls. It’s beautiful and sometimes gives you the great feeling. After the long way walking through the rainforest, this big gate will amaze you.


Facts About Kaieteur Falls 10: The Thunder Of The Falls Is Located In Potaro River

Potato River is where you can see clearly and feel the spraying of Kaieteur. Here you will hear the sound of the giant drop of Kaieteur. Shout out loud if you want to talk to your friends because, trust me, what you can hear is the sound of the water drops.

See? So, don’t wait up! Pack up your travel stuff and bring your map. 10 facts about Kaieteur Falls definitely change your point of view about South America, don’t you?