10 Facts About Kaikoura

Summer will come later but we are going to tell you about 10 facts about Kaikoura. This is the paradise for you who love travel and absolutely love to get closer to nature. The township of New Zealand has its own beauty. How lucky the people there who can enjoy the natures for the entire life. For you who love beaches, diving, or snorkeling, this is definitely the best place to fulfill your desire. Here we go for the 10 facts about Kaikoura:

Facts About Kaikoura 1: It Is Located Between The Mountains and The Sea

The magnificent view will appear soon after you arrive. Kaikoura is a place where the Range Mountains meets the sea along the coastline. Can you imagine how beautiful it is?

Facts About Kaikoura 2: The Stunning View Along the Coastline

The best thing to travel in Kaikoura is by train. However, if you want to challenge yourself, you can rent a car and enjoying the perfect view along the coastline while listening to your favorite music.


Facts About Kaikoura 3: The Origin of Kaikoura Is From The Word Kai and Koura

Kaikoura comes from Maori names. Kai means food and Koura means crayfish. The whole words mean meal of crayfish. Have you ever tried crayfish? Sounds interesting to try!

Facts About Kaikoura 4: Take the Train And You Will See The Beauty of Kaikoura

As we mentioned before, train is the best transportation to travel in Kaikoura. Since it is cheap, you can enjoy the stunning coastline view from the train. Just go to the train bar, take a sip of your coffee and enjoy the view!

Facts About Kaikoura 5: Do you Want To Feel Close to The Nature? Come to See the Seabirds and The Marine Mammals!

For you who are tired of the city crowds, Kaikoura will be the paradise for you. You can go to the complex of mamals system and you will feel totally relaxed with the sound of nature.

Facts About Kaikoura 6: Tama ki Te Rangi Discovered Kaikoura

This is the part of Kaikoura history. In Maori legend, it was said that Maui placed his foot to the peninsula. It aims to stabilize himself while he was looking for the fish.


Facts About Kaikoura 7: It Is A Beautiful Township in New Zealand

Kaikoura is a township with approximately 3.300 habitants. This area is part of National Park and also the complex for mammals system. Can you imagine how relax they are to live there for the entire life?

Facts About Kaikoura 8: Whales and Dolphins Are The Beauty of the South Coast Island

The most stunning yet relaxing parts of Kaikoura is in the South Coast. You can definitely enjoy the whales and dolphins living completely peaceful here. They sometimes show their tails up. Not only that, you can also hear the sea birds sing and look for their foods.

Facts About Kaikoura 9: Let’s Do Meditation While Listening to The Marine Mammals!

This is the best thing you can do in Kaikoura. You can leave yourself in peace together with the universe by doing meditation. The sounds of the whales, dolphins, sea birds and the wind will bring you to the enlightenment!


Facts About Kaikoura 10: The Weather Is Perfect to Get Lost

With approximately 15 degree once in a year, Kaikoura will offer you the place to get lost. Besides, the humidity is also perfect to enjoy the sea. For you who come from tropical countries, this weather will definitely boost your mood.

I believe you are reading this 10 facts about Kaikoura while looking for the perfect day to travel. Be patient for the summer breeze and enjoy the winter before you come to the paradise! Enjoy this 10 facts about Kaikoura first!