10 Facts About Kaka

We believe when you first read the title of 10 facts about Kaka, your head nods automatically. This football player is well known among women’s life. Usually, when we ask women about Kaka the first thing they know is that Kaka is handsome. Well, that’s true. On the other hand, the guys talk about different perspective about Kaka. 10 facts about Kaka will bring the perspective of women and men when they hear about Kaka.

Facts About Kaka 1: He Is One Of The Stars From Brazil

Kaka comes from Brazil with his real name Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos. Her debut as a soccer player brings Brazil to the world soccer match.

Facts About Kaka 2: Sao Paulo Was His First Football Club

He started to play soccer when he was 8. Because of his passion and skills when he was young, Kaka joined the Brazilian soccer club which is Sao Paulo.


Facts About Kaka 3: He Brought Sao Paulo to the League Title

In 2001 Kaka played in Sao Paulo and he scored 12 goals in 27 appearances! Handsome, skillful, and crazy!

Facts About Kaka 4: Wealthy Family Background Doesn’t Make Kaka Becomes Selfish

Brazil is well knows as a poor country. The other soccer players are not as lucky as Kaka. Kaka comes from wealthy family. However, he is a humble man. During the first year, before he was well known, he donated his money for his brother’s educational purpose.

Facts About Kaka 5: His Career In Sao Paulo Was The Debut

His career in Sao Paulo brought the club into a league. He played 118 games in this club.

Facts About Kaka 6: Unlike Other Soccer Player, Kaka Is A Religious Man

Have you ever seen his action after scoring a goal? He usually points his finger to the sky. This is the symbol that he is thankful for the goal he makes.


Facts About Kaka 7: AC Milan Midfielder Is His Other Name

His club is AC Milan which is undoubtedly one of the best clubs among others. In AC Milan Kaka is famous as a midfielder.

Facts About Kaka 8: Women Alert! Kaka Is Married To Brazilian Singer

This is the fact for women in the world. Kaka is a committed person. He married to a Brazilian singer and socialite, Caroline Celico. Once a fan asked him to marry her, but Kaka refused that proposal. Can you imagine how sad is this girl?

Facts About Kaka 9: Paulo Maldini Is His Inspiration

He is a fan of Paolo Maldini, one of the legend soccer players. Once he wished to have Paolo Maldini as his captain.


Facts About Kaka 10: Besides His Career As A Soccer Player, He Is Also A Charity Man

Kaka always concerns to social issue. He always donates his salary to the people who need helps. Kaka is the ambassador of UN that concerns in world hunger issue.

Kaka is one of a kind. With his career as a soccer player, Kaka brings happiness to people who need people like him. So, what do you think about this 10 facts about Kaka?