10 Facts About Kakadu National Park

Here we are for the 10 facts about Kakadu National Park. Have you ever heard of this place? If you are familiar with Amazon in America, Australia also has this giant national Park. For those who love natures, this place is recommended to visit. This is not just normal national park, you can find many things and you can also enjoy the phenomena that you’ve never seen before. These 10 facts about Kakadu National Park will also give you references such as the place you can visit and the unique things you can see.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 1: One of the Biggest National Park in The World

Can you guess how big this national park is? It is 20.000 square kilometers which means half of Switzerland! Kakadu National Park is part of World Heritage as it has plenty conservations and also wildlife.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 2: The Home of Aboriginal People

The ancient Aborigin tribe was living in this area for centuries. Nowadays, you can still meet some of them but in different ways. The tradition that they still keep is hunting animals like their ancestors did. Aboriginal people nowadays spread in several places in Australia. Some of them also live in the city.


Facts About Kakadu National Park 3: Enjoy The Art Work of Aboriginal People

There is a place that we recommend you to visit: Rock Art. In this area you can see the artwork of Aboriginal people. Ancient aboriginal people painted on the rock. Some of them can be seen as symbols, but some of them are their creative abilities.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 4: There Are Plenty Plants Species

The thing is, you can find thousand or maybe millions plants species in this national park. Some of them you can’t find in other places, and some of them are rarely live in normal places.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 5: Bird watching Tour Will Blow Your Mind

Are you tired of the cars’ sound and the pollution in the city? You can heal yourself by doing bird watching tour. You can hear and also see how the birds peacefully live in Kakadu National Park. Their sound is like the music of nature.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 6: Twin Waterfalls That Make You Breath Away

There are two well known waterfalls in Kakadu National Park. The first one is Jim Jim and Twin Waterfall region. In this place during the tropical summer, you can enjoy the waterfalls with the green area. Trust me you would have your relaxing moments here.



Facts About Kakadu National Park 7: Kakadu Has Six Seasons

As we know, Australia has tropical summer during April- November. However, you can experience six difference seasons in Kakadu National Park. They are Gudjewk (Monsoon), Banggereng, Yegge, Wurggeng, Gurrung, and Gunumeleng. Basically, they are types of summer seasons. The difference is that the temperature and nature phenomenon that happens in each season. For example in Gudjewk season, there are a lot of heavy rains, thunderstorm, and flooding. However in Yegge season, the temperature is cooler, between 17degrees- 32 degrees with the high humidity.

Facts About Kakadu National Park 8: Swim to Celebrate the Tropical Breeze

For those who come from Europe and other winter season countries, you can enjoy the holy sun in Kakadu National Park. Enjoy your winter holiday and fly to Kakadu to celebrate the summer breeze!

Facts About Kakadu National Park 9: Yellow Boat Cruises To Visit Aboriginal Area

Do you want to know more about the history and the area where the Aboriginal people lived? Take a Yellow Boat Cruises and you will see the amazing hidden areas where the tribe lived. You can ask many things to the tour guides since some of them are part of Aboriginal tribe.


Facts About Kakadu National Park 10: Conservation is The Best Way To Manage Kakadu National Park

The government works very hard to keep Kakadu in good shape. They prevent wild fire that can destroy the national park by managing the conservation.

So, have you planed to fly to Australia? We are sure that you will enjoy this 10 facts about Kakadu National Park!