10 Facts About Kalahari Desert

Let’s go with 10 facts about Kalahari Desert to Southern part of Africa which is well known with its giant sand savannah, Kalahari Desert. This is the place where wild animals, predators, and rare plants grow. With its extreme weather and temperature, Kalahari is not the place for living. But, there were several tribes who lived there. Do you want more information about 10 facts about Kalahari Desert? Check this out!

Facts About Kalahari Desert 1: The Existence Came From Sixty Million Years Ago

Kalahari Desert came to exist sixty million years ago. This is an old desert which also formed the continent of Africa with this large sand area.

Facts About Kalahari Desert 2: It is Located in Africa

As we know, Kalahari is located in Southern Africa. This area covers Botswana and also Namibia. What a huge sand area!


Facts About Kalahari Desert 3: Do You Think It Is A Desert? Well, It’s Not Totally True.

People mostly said that Kalahari is a desert. However, it is proven that Kalahari is a sandy savanna. It is because you can still find several plants grow in this sandy area. There are several animal species which also live in this super hot area.

Facts About Kalahari Desert 4: There Is Only One Permanent River in Kalahari

Okavango river is the only river which flows permanently. There are several rivers which also flow along the year, but they are all formed. It is different from other rivers Okavango flows along the year especially when the rain season comes.

Facts About Kalahari Desert 5: There Were San Bushmen Tribe Who Lived Here

Have you ever imagined there were people who lived here? The fact is there were Sun Bushmen tribe who live in this area. Normally, Kalahari is not an area for living. With its extreme weather which is up to 40 degrees during summer time, it is impossible to live in this area. However, Sun Bushmen tribe was living in Kalahari with their hunting traditions.

Facts About Kalahari Desert 6: Kalahari Is The Home For Dangerous Cats And Amphibians

Despite humans, it is impossible as well for animals to live here. Without enough supply of water, animals can definitely die in this extreme area. Kalahari is a home for predators such as dangerous cats which have the abilities to live longer in extreme area. They are all lions, cheetahs, tigers, and jaguars. The other amphibians also live in some parts of Kalahari areas.

Aerial view of Springbok

Facts About Kalahari Desert 7: The Origin of Kalahari Came From Tswana Word

Kalahari itself comes from Tswana word which means “the great thirst”. Wow, you can’t stand on this area to live!

Facts About Kalahari Desert 8: Grasses And Scattered Trees Are The Most Plants Which Grow

As it is a sandy savannah, there are plenty of typical plants which can grow here. They are mostly scattered trees which can grow under the extreme temperature as well as grasses.

Facts About Kalahari Desert 9: “Merkat Manoor” Was Produced in Kalahari

If you have watched a British television program, you supposed to know that the shooting location used to be in a desert. It is exactly Kalahari Desert. It took place in this great thirst area to get the best pictures.


Facts About Kalahari Desert 10: Taa Language Is The Most Spoken Language in Kalahari

Namibia and also Botswana are the native speakers of Taa. This is the language that Kalahari people speak. This language is the known with the large numbers of phonemes.

Do you have any plan to visit Kalahari Desert? Don’t forget to bring your safety properties before coming to this place. You can also prepare yourself by taking a look this facts about Kalahari Desert.