10 Facts About Kaley Cuoco

For those who love The Big Bang Theory, this 10 facts about Kaley Cuoco will give the information of her you didn’t know. She is Penny, the main woman character in The Big Bang Theory. Penny has an obsession as an actress. She also has a lot of arguments with Seldon especially in accuracy things since she believes herself as a physic. However, in daily life Penny is Kaley Cuoco who is also unique but in different way. Let’s take a look on our 1o facts about Kaley Cuoco!

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 1: She Comes From Mixed Blood Parents

She was born as Kaley Christine Cuoco. Her father is Californian while her mom is an English German lady. What a beautiful mixed she has!

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 2: Her Humorous Side Has been Seen Since She Was Young

Young Cuoco was playing in several sitcoms and also she was a model in several advertisements. Her debut career in her early age was when she played role as Ellen de Generes, a famous American stand comic.


Facts About Kaley Cuoco 3: The Funniest Woman Actress in The Big Bang Theory

Penny is her character in Big Bang Theory. She is a stubborn girl who loves to get argued with Seldon, the primary man character. Her acting role is known as the funniest among other actresses.

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 4: Count Her As A Smart Hollywood Actress

The fact is, she got her diploma when she was 16. Cuoco did not like private school, so she preferred to do homeschooling. Her intellectuality can also be seen from her taste of humor.

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 5: She Substituted Allan Walsh in The Big Bang Theory

She was not the first chosen actress who would play Penny in Big Bang Theory. It was Allan Walsh, a Canadian actress that supposed to play Penny role.

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 6: Horse Riding Is Her Other Favorite Talents

Alright, she is a smart actress. She can act, she graduated high school when she was only 16, and now she plays horse riding. This is one of her favorite activities. However, once she fell back and she broke her leg that made her very sad.


Facts About Kaley Cuoco 7: Oh, Wait! Another One: She Is A Former Tennis Player

Okay, this time we could say that Cuoco is a multitalented yet a genius. Before she’s famous on the TV, she was a nationally ranked tennis player in her country. Anyone wants to date her?

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 8: The Voice Behind “Brandy & Mr. Whiskeys” Is Her

Do you know the dog voice in “Brandy & Mr Whiskeys? It was her. She is an amazing actress on earth!

Facts About Kaley Cuoco 9: Her Voice Singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is Her Support to Animal Adoption

When she broke her leg from the horse riding, she sang a song called “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Soon after that, she decided to record it. Later on, her recording became the song of Human Society of United States as her support for animal adoption.


Facts About Kaley Cuoco 10: Her 30th Birthday Gift Was Talking to The Tigers!

She didn’t ask for a big house or expensive birthday celebration when she was 30. She asked for talking to the tigers in one of the zoos in the United States.

This Hollywood actress is one of a kind. For those who love Big Bang Theory, we believe that you know more facts about Kaley Cuoco!