10 Facts About Kali

According to Hinduism there are many facts about Kali that can be revealed. As one of the Goddess in Hinduism, Kali plays an important role for the beliefs. It also portrays several symbols that can be translated in different ways. As the Hinduism has poetry in its prayer, Kali is portrayed as the metaphor of human life. For more facts about Kali, let’s see below.

Facts About Kali 1: Kali Is Not A God, She Is A Goddess

At first people would think that Kali is a God. As she is portrayed like a man, with black hair and black look, Kali becomes the most beautiful soul in Hinduism.

Facts About Kali 2: It Does Not Have Any Association With Shiva

Kali has fou hands, sometimes ten which brings swords. Her foot steps on other body which represents something else. Shiva has similar look but different. In Shiva’s look, he doesn’t carry any swords. Today, people make different looks for Kali. The most well known statue is the blue Kali with the tongue out.


Facts About Kali 3: The Symbols Are Portrayed From Her Appearance And Mimics

There are a lot of symbols you can find in Kali’s. Mostly, the symbol comes from her looks and appearance which metaphorically represents human existence.

Facts About Kali 4: British People Used To Use It As The Symbol Of Human Suffering

TIME Magazine used Kali as the cover of its theme on 1947. It was the great suffering happened in Britain. The picture of Kali symbolized the human suffering in Britain.

Facts About Kali 5: She Is A Lovely Goddess, Amidst From Her Look

At glance, Kali has the scary look. She doesn’t look like a Goddess. You would probably think that she is a bad creature. However, it’s the opposite. She is a lovely and kind goddess in Hinduism.

Facts About Kali 6: Her Looks Symbolizes Human Existence

There are two main symbols in Kali. The first one, is the swords she carry in her hands. The swords symbolized the Divine Knowledge. The Head of Kali symbolized the Human Ego. If you’ve ever experienced to read the symbol in Tarot Card, the meaning of the symbol in each card is similar to Kali’s symbolism.

A man dressed as Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess of power, performs with a burning camphor tablet on his tongue during a religious procession ahead of the "Kumbh Mela", or Pitcher Festival, in the northern Indian city of Allahabad January 6, 2013. During the festival, hundreds of thousands of Hindus take part in a religious gathering at the banks of the river Ganges. The festival is held every 12 years in different Indian cities. REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash (INDIA - Tags: RELIGION ANNIVERSARY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) ORG XMIT: DEL08

Facts About Kali 7: There Are Plenty Types Of Kali

Actually, there are many types of Kali. It can be seen through her look, appearances, and also the things she carry in her arms. You can also see the difference from how many hands she has. There are ten and four hands that are usually depicted.

Facts About Kali 8: Kali Puja Is The Name Of The Ritual Devoted To Kali

In Hinduism, you will see Kali Puja as the ritual devoted to Kali. There are several steps to do this ritual, including the preparation of your mental. Meditation is one of the steps to reach the rituals.

Facts About Kali 9: People Put Kali At Their Home

People love Kali so much. It is because she is portrayed as a loving Mother and a kind Goddess.


Facts About Kali 10: She Is Depicted As The Dark Woman With Ugly Look

Her look is terrible. With the long black hair and completely dark body, Kali is symbolized as the complexion of human soul and life.

You can come to India to see the rituals and festivals about Kali. Those are our lists for you to know about the goddess. We hope that you enjoy our 10 facts about Kali!

Isn’t it interesting to know more about one of the Goddess in Hinduism? Our dedication for your knowledge is this 10 facts about Kali.


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