10 Facts About Kane

Today’s 10 facts about Kane is written for you who love wrestling. WWE, one of the famous wrestling championships in America has their characters in every season. Kane is people’s favorite. He was born to be a wrestler and he dedicated his life in wrestling. Since 20 years ago, Kane has been living as the strongest wrestler in WWE. This program appeared on TV since years and still becomes audience’s favorite. Our article today will give you information about Kane, the legend of wrestling. Let’s take a look:

Facts About Kane 1: Kane Is His Stage Name

He was born as Glen Jacobs. Although he lives in America but he has Spanish blood from his parents.

Facts About Kane 2: The Champion of WWE for Five Decades

Kane scores 18 championships during the WWE. His existence in wrestling has been 20 years.


Facts About Kane 3: His Mentor Is Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko is the strong wrestler who mentored Kane. With Malenko’s skill, Kane learned different techniques for being a good wrestler.

Facts About Kane 4: Caine, The Holy Bible Character, Inspired Him

Do you know one of the characteristics in the Bible which is Caine? The characteristic of Caine himself is rouge, and that became the reason why he took Kane as his stage name.

Facts About Kane 5: Behind His Scary Face, Kane Is Funny Person

Don’t think that he is a scary person who will attack strangers in the street. He is not. He is a humble and lovely husband who has a good taste of humor.

Facts About Kane 6: He Is Also A Bussinessman in Tennessee

The business he runs today is an insurance agency in Tennessee. He has been running his business together with his wife.


Facts About Kane 7: English Literature Is His Education Background

Sounds romantic! A scary and mysterious Kane has education background in English Literature. Can you imagine behind his scary mask there is a romantic soul?

Facts About Kane 8: Undertaker Is His Stage Brother

If you are a wrestling fan, especially WWE, you probably know the other strong character, who is Undertaker. It is said that both of Undertaker and Kane are twin stage brothers.

Facts About Kane 9: He Falls In Love With WWE For A Lifetime

When one of the journalists asked him when he would retire from WWE, Kane has his own answer. He fell in love with WWE. As long as he feels comfortable and the passion hasn’t gone, WWE is his lifetime achievement and dedication.


Facts About Kane 10: Kane Is Libertarians As His Political Ideology

Kane has enough with the political condition in America. He believes that the perfect ideology is liberal. That’s the reason why he prefers to be libertarians.

As a wrestler, Kane is also a heart warmed man. He is a family person who wants to protect his family. Living with his wife in his dream house, Kane and his wife has kids. The career he has doesn’t make him forget about the value of a family. Do you agree with our 1o facts about Kane?