10 Facts About Kangaroo Island

To continue our previous article, 10 facts about Kangaroo Island will definitely complete the information about this big animal. The Kangaroo Island is where the kangaroos live together. It has the wide and large area and it is located in Australia. There are some parts that you can also enjoy the wildlife and the beauty of nature. Kangaroo Island is a paradise for fauna. If you want to discover Kangaroo Island, you will also see the 9 natural wonders of Australia. Here are our 10 facts about Kangaroo Island:

Facts about Kangaroo Island 1: The Paradise of Milk and Honey

Kangaroo Island is best with its organic and dairy products. You can enjoy the best dairy products here such as milk, cheese, and many types of foods.

Facts About Kangaroo Island 2: The Great Nature, National Park, and Wildlife

You will not find any other great island as Kangaroo Island has. Some people say this is the island of nature lovers, especially fauna. There are many types of fauna you can find here.


Facts About Kangaroo Island 3: An Extraordinary Island on Earth

The characteristic of the island is different from other islands.

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Facts About Kangaroo Island 4: Shipwrecks Were One of Common Phenomenon

Approximately 80 shipwrecks cases were found. One of the most famous one is remarked from the survivor name, who is Kirkpatrick. He was a shipwreck survival in Kangaroo Island in 1899.

Facts About Kangaroo Island 5: Have You Ever Thought About Fireworks Material? Find It Here!

Do you know that the material to make fireworks is grasses? It comes from Tate trees.

Facts About Kangaroo Island 6: Stalactite Admiral Arch Is Not Stalactite

Many people who visited Admiral Arch thought that this is the stalactite phenomenon. Actually, this is not stalactites, seems like but they are fossilized roots.


Facts About Kangaroo Island 7: The World Best Bee Sanctuary

There are many species of bees, the most pure one in the world is Ligurian bees. Kangaroo Island is the sanctuary of this Ligurian Bees.

Facts About Kangaroo Island 8: A Bay Called American River

So is it a bay or river? The truth is American Bay is the name of a bay in Kangaroo Island.

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Facts About Kangaroo Island 9: The Size of Kangaroo Island Is Seven Times More Than Singapore

With its approximately 4400 km2, Kangaroo Island is way larger than Singapore. This is also the World’s largest island in the world.


Facts About Kangaroo Island 10: Do You Like Junk Food? You Will Not Find It Here

If you expect to find Mc’D or Pizza Hut, just be prepared to face the reality. Kangaroo Island doesn’t have junk food restaurants. They only provide organic foods or the products taken from the farm in Kangaroo Island area.

If you plan to have a stunning yet healthy experience, just come to have your relaxing time in Kangaroo Island. The perfect information and guidance can be found in this facts about Kangaroo Island.