10 Facts About Kangaroo Rats

The 10 mind blowing facts about Kangaroo Rats are our article today. We know many things about kangaroo, but not the kangaroo rats. Probably some of you have never heard of them, but they do exist in the desert. You can find them mostly in the Southwestern US desert. Let’s have some facts here!

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 1: Find This Little Animal In The Southwestern US

Southwestern US is the other part of the country that is warmer than others. Kangaroo rats are typically live in warm or hot place.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 2: They Are Typical Desert Animal

Specifically, kangaroo rats are desert animal. They can manage themselves to live under the extreme temperature like in a dessert.


Facts About Kangaroo Rats 3: They Are Not Endangered Species, Just Rarely Found In Normal Land

The population of kangaroo rats is still many. Since it is rarely found on the land with normal temperature, people think that kangaroo rats are endangered species.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 4: The Truly Vegetarians

Their tiny body comes from the food they consume. They are mostly like hamster, eating seeds and vegetables. Just sometimes they eat insects, too.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 5: Kangaroo Rats Have Short Life Moments

The liferange of kangaroo rats is not as long as other animals. They live for about 2-5 years only.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 6: They Also Have Tiny Pocket

Like kangaroos, kangaroo rats also have tiny pockets. However, the function is different from the big kangaroos, which is to carry babies. Kangaroo rats use their pockets to carry seeds to the burrow.


Facts About Kangaroo Rats 7: Keeping The Water Inside Their Body Without Sweating

As they live in the dessert, they have to deal with the extreme weather and temperatures. Unlike dogs which produce sweat through their nose to balance the temperature, kangaroo rats keep the water inside their body without sweating. This aims to survive in the extreme situation.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 8: Predators Are Their Big Enemies

This is a big problem for kangaroo rats. They have many predators that are ready to take them such as birds, eagle, snakes and many more.

Facts About Kangaroo Rats 9: The Second Laziest Animal On Earth

The truth is kangaroo lives in a burrow. They only come out to get some foods when it’s cooler.


Facts About Kangaroo Rats 10: Hopping Is Their Way To Move

Kangaroo rats are the only hopping rats. Once they leap, they can reach 2,75 meters to escape from predators.

Do you want to have them one? Unfortunately, kangaroo rats will die earlier if you put them in the normal temperature. We believe you have more information about facts about kangaroo rats.