10 Facts About Kangxi

The greatest Chinese emperor, Kangxi will be provided here in 10 facts about Kangxi. Kangxi is the most famous emperor in China. During his reign, he led the people to the prosperity and peace. The previous emperor was his father who died in an early age. Kangxi was prepared by his mother and grandma to take over the power to lead China. This is the beginning of the great China in Qing Dynasty.

Facts About Kangxi 1: The Greatest Emperor In Chinese History

Kingxi is well known as the greatest emperor in Chinese history. During his reign, he worked very hard to bring Chinese to a great country. People love him because he was also a warm hearted man.

Facts About Kangxi 2: He Is The Third Son Of The Previous Emperor

Kangxi had never thought about governmental issue in his early age. However, soon after his father died, his grandmother said that it was the perfect time to take control. The grandmother saw that Kingxi had the power to lead people more than his father.


Facts About Kangxi 3: Kangxi’s Mother Is the Powerful Woman in China

The mother of KangXi was an intellectual. Her power was stronger and she had the high rank than the Kangxi’s brothers mothers.

Facts About Kangxi 4: His Hobby Is Hunting And Doing Sports

A normal life he used to have in Chinese was hunting in the forest. Besides he loved doing sports.

Facts About Kangxi 5: His Father Got Married In Early Age And Died When He Was Only 7th

When Kangxi was 7, his father died. Kangxi’s father died in the age of 23. The day after, Kangxi had the crown as he was the prince of Qing Dynasty.

Facts About Kangxi 6: He Became Emperor When He Was Turning 15

Kangxi took control the system when he was very young. He was 15 years old at that time and he got the responsibility to lead China.


Facts About Kangxi 7: The Inexperienced Prince Became The Great Emperor

Kangxi never had experience in governmental issue. He even did not participate in any government system. However, his hardworking ability brought him as the greatest emperor in China.

Facts About Kangxi 8: He Led The Country For 61 Years

The reign of Kangxi lasted for 61 years. His role to lead the country was quite hard since there were many problems he had to know and to solve.

Facts About Kangxi 9: Prosperities And Lucks Came During His Reign

Prosperities and lucks came over Chine during his reign. Besides, China was a peaceful country during his reign.


Facts About Kangxi 10: He Personally Led The Chinese Army Against Mongols

He was a brave man yet responsible with what he had to do. One of the examples was when he himself lead the Chinese army to fight against Mongol.

Kangxi was a commited Catholic. He is a true Catholic who then changed his religion for any reason to Christian. In the end of the story, he himself banned Christianity and also Christians in China. They were killed tragically. The interesting story about Kangxi can be found in the history of China. We believe after reading this you will be curious to know more about facts about Kangxi.