10 Facts About Kanji

Today’s 10 facts about kanji will discuss about the great literary system in Japan. Japanese language is one of the hardest to learn, especially in the writing system. With its alphabet, Japanese language has its richness and beauty. What we are going to see below are the list of the facts about kanji from the history until the steps to learn from the beginning. Let’s enjoy some Japan atmosphere!

Facts About Kanji 1 : There Are Three Written System In Japanese

Japanese has its rich literary arts. Kanji is one of them. The other is Hiragana and Katakana. Besides, Kanji is also the hardest one among the others.

Facts About Kanji 2 : Kanji Is Considered As Modern Writing System

When you see the modern language in Japan, they usually use kanji and hiragana. Katakana is part of the old Japanese.


Facts About Kanji 3 : It Is Influenced By Ancient Chinese

5 centuries before, Chinese which is known as the oldest culture and literature, spread Chinese characters to Vietnam, Laos, and Japan. Kanji got assimilated with Chinese characters.

Facts About Kanji 4 : Furigana Is The Way To Express The Kanji

Hiragana is the easiest way to identify the sound of the alphabets. Kanji has different characteristics. They are complex and somehow easy in particular way. There is a way to learn how to express sound in Kanji by writing Furigana above the Kanji or beside it.

Facts About Kanji 5 : There Is A Proper Way To Learn Kanji

If you see Japanese movie, sometimes there is a part when the man is writing kanji with ink in the paper. They have particular movement which is based on the rule itself. Kakijyun is the proper way to learn kanji.

Facts About Kanji 6 : Shodou Is An Art Of Writing Kanji

Kanji is also considered is an art. Shadou is the Japanese name of calligraphy. Writing kanji in particular way such is called art.


Facts About Kanji 7 : Chiseki Kimura Is One Of The Greatest Shadou In Japan

One of the well known Shadou is Chiseki’s. Chiseki Kimura made many Shadou that has been publish since years ago.

Facts About Kanji 8 : Do You Want To Simplify Kanji? There Is A Way To Do It!

The way of simplifying kanji called Shinjitai. As Kanji has rare and hard form that we sometimes we can’t read. By doing shinjitai, kanji can be simpler to read.

Facts About Kanji 9 : One Of The Hardest Writing System In The World

During centuries, kanji has been learned in some parts of the world. It is because the art of writing kanji is one of the great cultures in Japan. With the writing system rules, kanji is considered as the hardest written system in the world.


Facts About Kanji 10: There Are Two Ways To Reading Kanji

Not only the writing system, you have also learn how to read kanji. The ways to read kanji are called Onyomi and Kunyomi

Kanji is also one of the ways for the people to express art in themselves. There are several rules if you want to learn kanji. In the beginning it will be quite hard, but then when you master it, you can enjoy reading and writing kanji. Maybe you can also be like Chiseki Kimura, the wellknown artist. We hope this facts about kanji gives good atmosphere for you!