10 Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act

The history of Kansas City can’t be separated from the facts about Kansas Nebraska Act. This moment is one of he important moment in the United States. There were many people killed and the beginning of the Civil War made the people built their own coups. Important people also arouse in this moment. The war went to a bloody coups because there are pros and antis which have slavery as the main issue. Slavery became the main issue and people who were pros will against the antis. People in the Southern part of America thought that the slavery was important for increasing the economic condition. What about the rest? Let’s take a look!

Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 1: Issue of Slavery Is The Main Reason

Kansas Nebraska Act was built because of the issue of slavery in Kansas area. They are several parts of the United States that pro slavery and other is antis.

Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 2: The Proposal of Abraham Lincoln and George Douglas

The act was proposed by the two main leaders in America. They are Lincoln and Douglas who paid so much attention to the group of people who pros and antis.


Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 3: “Bleeding Kansas” or Border Wars

The continuing issue of Nebraska was the raise of violence in Kansas. Since then, the war began. They called bleeding Kansas because of the assassination during the border war.

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Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 4: The Beginning of Civil War

Kansas Nebraska Act was one of the triggers of Civil War.

Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 5: It Began With Two Issues Between Pro And Anti-Slavery

These two poles stated different opinions. They wanted to keep their opinions since both of them had their own business.

Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 6: Other Reason Is Because The Some Of The Settlers Could Not Move From Particular Area

Some of the settlers couldn’t move because of some rules they did not agree. By using Kansas Nebraska Act, some settlers could move and even the government gave the land ownership status.


Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 7: At The Same Time, Telegraph Was Invented

Samuel Morse was working during the civil war. He concerned communication between the two poles and the government. At the same time, he invented telegraph as a media for communicating.

Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 8: Belle Boyd Is A Spy During The Civil War

Women also played role in this moment. One of the women that had a special task was Belle Boyd. She was a spy during the Civil War Era.

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Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 9: People Died On Disease

During the bleeding war, there were so many people died because of disease and also children got malnutrition. It was difficult and scary period for America.


Facts About Kansas Nebraska Act 10: Most People Supported Slavery in Kansas

The result was unpredictable. Southern people won. They supported slavery as it could help to increase the economic issue. After the government announced the result, there were so many Northern people coup to get their right back.

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