10 Facts About Kanye West

Life of the controversial rapper is in our 10 facts about Kanye West. He is one of the most famous rappers in America. The Grammy Awards even nominated him as the 8th most successful artist. Behind those stories, there are unknown stories that you might not know. Today, we will give you the secret stories of Kanye West, an American controversial rapper.

Facts About Kanye West 1: Young Kanye West Used To Live In China

You will be surprised to hear that young Kanye West lived in China during his elementary school years. He spent a year in China to finish his elementary school.

Facts About Kanye West 2: He Has A Brand Which Named After His Mother

DONDA is named after her mother. This brand works for branding and content designing. It’s interesting stuff to do for Kanye.


Facts About Kanye West 3: Omari Is His Middle Name

He was born as Kanye Omari West. The stage name now is well known as Kanye West.

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Facts About Kanye West 4: “Through Life” Was Edited 50 Times Before Its Release

Kanye used to be super perfectionist. Before its release, Through Life has been edited for 50 times.

Facts About Kanye West 5: He Was Awarded As The Most Successful Artist In Grammy Award

The 8th most successful artist in Grammy Awards is Kanye West. Besides his controversies, he got so many appreciation from his album and as a rapper.

Facts About Kanye West 6: Kanye Used To Be Called Drop Out

His education life was not as successful as his career nowadays as a rapper. He used to drop out from school during his high school life. Right after that, Kanye is called drop out by his friends and some of his family members.


Facts About Kanye West 7: The Bear In His Album Is Called Drop Out

Related to his past life in education, Kanye created one of thing to remember his experience. There are 3 bears in his three album covers. His bear called Drop Out.

Facts About Kanye West 8: Amber Rose Was His Ex-Girlfriend

It’s interesting to talk about Kanye’s love life. His career as a rapper makes him to date several beautiful girls. One of them is Amber Rose, a former American model and also a designer.

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Facts About Kanye West 9: When He Was Marrying Kim, Alexis Phifer Was Still His Fiancée

The latest controversy before he got married to Kim was his status with Alexis Phifer. She was still Kanye’s fiancée when he was marrying Kim.


Facts About Kanye West 10: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted” Was Tested To A Food Delivery Man

The other funny thing that you have to know is when Kanye tested his album to a delivery man. It was a strange experience that the man told us.

Now he lives happily with Kim and his two sons. Both Kim and Kanye have their own businesses. They also run a big family business that has a big impact for their economic issue. What about you? Do you find any other facts about Kanye? We believe that you know more facts about Kanye West.