10 Facts About Kapiti Island

Holiday is coming and it’s time to give you 10 facts about Kapiti Island as our recommendation. This beautiful island located in in New Zealand, the place where green and animals live together peacefully. The government pay so much attention to the faunas and floras. Kapiti Island is one of the biggest natural reserves in New Zealand. If you think about different holiday, you can try to visit this island. You can have an interaction with the nature and its living beings. Check this out!

Facts about Kapiti Island 1: The Most Priceless Nature Reserves in New Zealand

Kapiti Island is the most valuable reserves in New Zealand. It is located far away from human and any other factors that possibly killed or haunt the birds.

Facts about Kapiti Island 2: Find The Six Types of Birds

There are six bird types in Kapiti Island. They are little spotted kiwi, Saddleback, Kaka, Takahe, Weka, and Kereru.

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Facts about Kapiti Island 3: Maori Was The First Tribe Who Settled In The Island

In the beginning of 18th century, Maori came to the island for settling. They became the first human race who touched the land.

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Facts about Kapiti Island 4: The Place Is Difficult To Reach

Since the location is quite far from the mainland, not everyone gets the opportunity to see the native birds.

Facts about Kapiti Island 5: The Home For Native Birds

This is definitely the home for native birds. They live in the Island with its species that will be rarely found in the normal island.

Facts about Kapiti Island 6: There Are No Predators In The Island

The government decided to take out all of the predators from the island. It is because the predators will haunt the endangered native birds.


Facts about Kapiti Island 7: It’s 5,6 km Away From The Mainland

It is somewhat good to know that this paradise located far from the mainland. It prevents the danger of human activities and also the possibilities that kill the birds.

Facts about Kapiti Island 8: The Government Tries To Regrow The Forest

The forest around the island has been regrown by the government. They think that it is important for the bids living space.

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Facts about Kapiti Island 9: It’s 520 meters Above The Sea Level

The condition and situation of the island is 520 meters high above the sea. Think about enjoying the whole island from above!


Facts about Kapiti Island 10: One Of The Biggest Area For Nature Reserves

Kapiti island has its big area which is 19,65 km squared. This is one of the biggest areas for nature reserves.

There are thousand species of birds, animals, and also plants. All of them are protected and the government always regrow the place where the living beings can be comfortable. Other things that you can’t find in the mainland are the typical animals that are colorful, and maybe have different shapes. We believe that your holiday by walking in the nature can refresh your mind. Are you interested to come over Kapiti Island after reading this facts about Kapiti Island?