10 Facts About Kapp Putsch

One of the biggest German War will be discussed in 10 facts about Kapp Putsch. This is about the coup that was created by some groups of right wing nationalists. The coups were used to bring back the autocratic system before the raise of Democratic Party. One of the leader is Wolfgang Kapp and his friend. Who are they? Enjoy this article!

Facts About Kapp Putsch 1: It Began In 1920

It was a coup that was led by Wolfgang Kapp and Walther von Lüttwitz. This coup began when the right wing people asked to bring back Weimar Republic and made Germany as an autocratic country.

Facts About Kapp Putsch 2: The Aim Was To Bring Back Weimar Republic

After Germany lost in the World War I, the government changed its ruling system, which was democratic. The right wings nationalist then wanted to undo the system by doing the coup.


Facts About Kapp Putsch 3: Wolffgang Kapp Was The Leader

One of the leaders of the coup was Wolfgang Kapp. He strategically thought about how the people could bring back Weimar Republic.

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Facts About Kapp Putsch 4: Kapp Was A Right Wing Journalist

His profession as a right wing journalist made him angry with the government’s decision.

Facts About Kapp Putsch 5: November Criminals Was The Raise of Hitler

The term November Criminals was directly pointed to Hitler. There were several groups that followed Hitler in the governmental system.

Facts About Kapp Putsch 6: Germany Was In Chaos

The condition and situation in Germany was extremely in chaos. When the war started, there were many people who were assassinated; some of them was the people from the government.


Facts About Kapp Putsch 7: Treaty of Versailles Was Signed By The Government

This is one of the reasons why the people were angry. The Treaty of Versailles was signed secretly by the government at that moment.

Facts About Kapp Putsch 8: Wolfgang Kapp Took Over Berlin

The struggle of Kapp was seen in a positive result. He successfully took over Berlin. Although after that, he failed to lead the mass.

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Facts About Kapp Putsch 9: The Violence Towards Governments Raised

Approximately almost hundreds of people from the government were assassinated by the right wing nationalists.


Facts About Kapp Putsch 10: Kapp Putsch Failed To Fight Against The Government

Berlin was the last thing he could struggle for. After he took Berlin, the government recruited the mass to join the general strike.

After the struggle of Wolfgang Kapp, the raise of Nazi led by Hitler started to enter Germany. The right wing nationalists then creating coups to defend their ideology. Unfortunately, Hitler won Germany by his promise to make Germany great again. Millions of people followed him and that was the beginning of World War II, where Hitler brought his ideology in reality. We hope you get something by reading this facts about Kapp Putsch.