10 Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi

Have you ever read about facts about Kappa Alpha Psi? This fraternity takes care for almost the students and people in the world. They spread their vision: love and peace and they also help the school to build the consciousness in humanity. Leaders of this fraternity are mostly African American, however some of them come from European country. Kappa Alpha Psi comes from Greek word. The symbol itself can be seen as the symbol of psi in Greek. Let’s see further about the history, background, and also the projects they do.

Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 1: It was Invented By The Black Fraternities

The purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is to unite the people regardless the color, skin, and any other factors to walk in the same vision. The fraternities were developed by the group of black people who concerned in education and humanity.

Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 2: Founded in 1911 at Indiana University Bloomington

The fraternity worked through the colleges and universities. In the beginning of its development, Indiana University of Bloomington became the birthplace of Kappa Alpha Psi.


Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 3: The Leader Is Called “Grand Polemarch”

Polemarch itself comes from the Greek word which means the leader of the war, or warlord.

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Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 4: It Has More Than 150.000 memberships

Kappa Alpha Psi has broadened its wings across the world. They have more or less 150.000 membership and spread in every continent.

Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 5: Kappa Diamond Is The Official Symbol

The official symbol of Kappa Alpha Psi is its diamond. It symbolizes the greatness in the fraternity itself.

Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 6: They Have Made Many Projects

The projects they have made are hundreds. Education and humanity are their concern.


Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 7: Kappa Psi Journal Is The Official Organ

The journal is published four times in a year. It is based on the season; summer, fall, winter, and spring. You can also contribute as the content provider by providing data, photos, videos or maybe blogs.

Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 8: “Diamond In The Rough” Is The Potential Program

This potential program brings the good challenge for this fraternity. It has purpose to see the potential and greatness from the unexpected things.

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Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 9: National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi Is The Auxiliary Group

The National Silhouettes is other form of Kappa Wives. This group of women is dedicated to support their husbands. Besides, this group is developed to create projects like Kappa Alpha Psi. As the members are women or the wives, Kappa Silhouettes aims to create activities to fulfill their times while accompanying the husbands.


Facts About Kappa Alpha Psi 10: The Big Ten Founders Of Kappa Alpha Psi

There are ten founders of this fraternity. Most of them are African American which lived in Greece.

Kappa Alpha Psi has been growing and working with more than 150.000 members all over the world. The students are their subjects for making projects. Are you interested to participate after reading facts about Kappa Alpha Psi?