10 Facts About Karankawa

One of the tribes in Native America will be revealed in this 10 facts about Karankawa. It is one of the Indian tribes that is famous in the history. What comes up in your mind when you hear about Indian? Most people say the unique costume they wear, and also long hair, and their leader. Those are correct. But there are many things that are hidden and not many people know about them. This tribe was living in Mexico especially in the gulf of Mexico. Rumor says that some of the grand grandchildren still exist in Mexico. To see the facts, let’s continue this article!

Facts About Karankawa 1: Texas And Gulf of Mexico Are Their Home

It is said that the group of Karankawa people can be found in Texas and along the Gulf of Mexico.

Facts About Karankawa 2: It Is One Of The Texas Indian Tribes

Karankawa is one of the groups that belong to Texas Indian tribes.


Facts About Karankawa 3: They Are Not Cannibals

The medias and several sources said that Karankawa is categorized as cannibals. In fact they are not. In the 18th century when there was a shipwreck in the island, the group of Karnkawa came to help the people by providing food and shelters.

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Facts About Karankawa 4: Latin America’s Good Fighters

Karankawa is known as one of the best fighters in Latin America. They are intelligent and full of creative strategy.

Facts About Karankawa 5:Karankawa Is Not A Tribe, It’s a Group

Like it is mentioned, Karankawa is a group of people. Some people considered them as the tribe. In fact, they belong to Indian tribe.

Facts About Karankawa 6: They Love Fishing During Winter

The fish comes out from the gulf when it’s winter. This will make Karankawa people easy to get their food.


Facts About Karankawa 7: It’s The Oldest Group In Indian Texas Tribes

Karankawa has lived in this earth during the 15th century. However, nowadays we can still meet them with different style and languages.

Facts About Karankawa 8: The Ancestors of Karankawa Is Black And Indian

Since they are latin America, they have a good relation with black and India. Actually, their ancestors are both blacks and Indians.

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Facts About Karankawa 9: They Were Slaves During The White People Power In The Past

In the past, around 18th century during the civil war, Karankawa was the group that belongs to slavery. They lived across America for being slaves.


Facts About Karankawa 10: Atakapan And Louisiana Are The Places To Stay For Them

If you want to see or meet them, you can go to Atakapan or Louisiana. They live secretly in some areas there.

Kanakawa itself is part of the tribes. Although they name themselves just group of people, but the culture doesn’t say so. The existence of Kanakawa in America proves that the Indian tribes existed. There are many stories about Indian tribes and their life in America. We hope that you enjoy this facts about Karankawa.