10 Facts About Karate Kid

What do you think about 10 facts about Karate Kid? We suppose you’ve watched the movies many times. This is one of the legendary movies that produced in America. The first version of Karate Kid is in the year of 1984, however then it continues to the second version where Jackie Chan and Jaden Smiths are the protagonist. Karate Kid is a comedy yet deep movie. The successful production of the film brings a lot of appreciation from the people around the world. It is also appreciated by the people all over the world. Let’s see several secrets of Karate Kid!

Facts About Karate Kid 1: The Director Doubted Pat Morita As The Miyagi

Pat Morita was not the first choice to play the role of Miyagi. There were several actors who were the candidates.

Facts About Karate Kid 2: The Filming Locations Still Exist

When you see the setting of places in the movie, come to check the locations. The locations that used to be the setting of the films still exists nowadays.



Facts About Karate Kid 3: Parking Lot Is The Place Where Miyagi Did The Workshop

Do you remember the scene where Miyagi did the workshop? It was in a big parking lot. What do we expect?

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Facts About Karate Kid 4: There Was One Scene That’s Finally Deleted

There is one scene that finally deleted for any reason. Karate Kid is not Chinese movie, it is a Hollywood movie that portrayed the life of Chinese as a protagonist. Generally, the story is about how Americans are superior and the Chinese is the other way. The scene that’s deleted is when the Chinese man fight to keep the young boy. They change it into the Chinese who provokes the young poor boy.

Facts About Karate Kid 5: The Military Veteran Is Called Sensei Kreese

Martin Kove portrays as a Vietnam military veteran in this movie. He is called Sensei Kresse.

Facts About Karate Kid 6: The Talented Pat Johnson Appeared In Different Forms

You will find Pat Johnson in a toy, in a printed tshirt, and an actor in this movie. Isn’t it interesting?

Jackie Chan as "Mr. Han" and Jaden Smith as "Dre Parker" in Columbia Pictures' THE KARATE KID.

Jackie Chan as “Mr. Han” and Jaden Smith as “Dre Parker” in Columbia Pictures’ THE KARATE KID.

Facts About Karate Kid 7: Vintage Magazine Under The Karate Book In the Scene

When the man is reading a Karate technique, it is seen that there is one vintage magazine under the Karate book. It’s a cute pink magazine!

Facts About Karate Kid 8: The Accent of Pat Morita Was Actually Fake

As you know, Pat Morita is not Japanese or even Chinese. However, he should act like he is an Asian. Pat Morita finally learned how to get then chinese accent for his role. And voila! His accent is fake and we didn’t know it.

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Facts About Karate Kid 9: Elisabeth Sue Was A Harvard Student

One of the smart actors in the movie is Elisabeth Sue. She had to leave temporarily her study for her role in this movie.


Facts About Karate Kid 10: Political Campaign Used The Karate Kid To Support

This is the secret that most people didn’t know. Swedish politician use Karate Kid as the tool of his campaign. He emphasize the deep meaning of relation between the young boy and his mentor.

So, are you going to watch Karate Kid again after this facts about Karate Kid?