10 Facts About Kargil War

10 facts about Kargil War will be our discussion here. Some people are not familiar with this word until there is a movie about Kargil War. In May 1999, Pakistan Army crossed the border of LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir. This action created new problem for both India and Pakistan. Due to the agreement, Kashmir is the area of India, and they already put border and reported it internationally.

Facts about Kargil War 1: It is A War between India and Pakistan

The war started when Pakistan entered the border of Kashmir whose India’s border. Since then, India prepared for the non nuclear war to keep the border safe.

Facts about Kargil War 2: The Form of Kargil War Similar To Sino Indian Border Conflict in 1962

In 1962, the conflict happened when Pakistan crossed Indian Border. 17 years later, Pakistan came back with its attack to seize the border.


Facts about Kargil War 3: The Difficulty They Faced Was The Terrain

It was difficult to get the access to the safe place since the terrain was insurmountable. Indian’s army was struggled for moving from one place to another.

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Facts about Kargil War 4: The Second Largest Army In The World Is India

India has the largest army in the world and it made Pakistan struggling to reach the border. More or less there were 11 million Indian armies were protecting the Line of Control border. In the end, India got a sweet victory over Pakistan.

Facts about Kargil War 5: Attack in The Mountain

The hardest attack was in the mountain when the Indian army spotted activity in the Mountain of Kargil. It was several army who built the bunkers thereby.

Facts about Kargil War 6: Pak’s Failure Was The Victory of India

The Army of Pakistan and Taliban fighters attacked Indian Army with missile from the high latitude zone. However, India reported that one of their army was shot by the Pak’s army. Soon after that, Pak reported to the UN about the condition and asked for occupying the Indian posts. Unfortunately, Pak’s foreign policy failed and it gave a victory for India.


Facts about Kargil War 7: Bloody War In Asia

There was hundred victims during the war. Both India and Pakistan came to the bloody war. Several criminals and assassination happened such as mutilation.

Facts about Kargil War 8: Mutilation towards Saurabh Kalia

Saurabh Kalia was an Indian captain. His dead body found mutilated and the people and India called him martyr.

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Facts about Kargil War 9: Ved Prakash Malik was the Hero

Ved Prakash Malik was the chief of Indian army. He was the hero who did everything for protecting Kashmir.


Facts about Kargil War 10: The Journalist Behind The News

The Indian media at that time gave award to the Indian journalist, Barkha Dutt. He bravely reported the war condition with the highest risk during the war.

After the long struggle, the victory went to India sweetly. Pakistan Army failed to get the area. If you are curious about the war, you can see the movie and compare the facts with the facts about Kargil War.