10 Facts About Karim Benzema

Soccer player Karim Benzema appears in our 10 facts about Karim Benzema. He is one of the top soccer players in Europe based in France. Benzema’s life as a soccer player is also interesting to see. Looking back at his background, Benzema’s career started when he was very young. It seems that his family also loves soccer since his siblings are also soccer players. So, let’s take a look and enjoy this article!

Facts About Karim Benzema 1: Benzema was a Ball Boy When He was Young

When he was 8 years old, Benzema was a ball boy. Since then, he wanted to join in a football club. He continued his dream by joining French Football Club.

Facts About Karim Benzema 2: U-17 French Football Was His Step To Be A Star

In U-17, Benzema’s career was going up in the sky. At his age, he scored goals the best goals for the team and it brought him to La Liga, France.


Facts About Karim Benzema 3: He Is Critical

Benzema’s personality is also interesting. He is not only handsome as a soccer player, but his critical and ambitious personalities attract the supporters. He is brave enough to give any critique to the senior players. And he did it often!

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Facts About Karim Benzema 4: Comparing To Zidane, Benzema Has The Same Skill

The World compared him with Zidane, the legend football player. Benzema is skillful and he is humble with that. Many supporters respect it.

Facts About Karim Benzema 5: He Sheds His Weight For The Spanish League

Due to many complains he got during the Spanish League, he decided to shed some weights. It was because he seemed like too slow and did not have any power during the match. His mentor suggested him to exercise everyday.

Facts About Karim Benzema 6: The Best Goal In El Clasico

Benzema scored the best goal in El Clasico. It became his reward in the club.


Facts About Karim Benzema 7: History Says He Is The Top Player In La Liga

Since he played first in La Liga, he got so many attention because he scored many goals. Not only that, his technique in playing and scoring the goals, made him got the rewards from La Liga, France.

Facts About Karim Benzema 8: His Brother Is Also Footballer

As we mentioned above, he has another brother who also plays soccer. However, his siblings are soccer players too.

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Facts About Karim Benzema 9: Benzema Has Arrested For Illegal Sexual Relationship

Benzema was sentenced in criminal case. He did an illegal sexual relationship with his partner. Now, the process is still going and let’s wait for the result.


Facts About Karim Benzema 10: His Origin Is Algerian

Benzema was born in Lyon, France but his blood is Algerian. Since he was young, he lived in a poor region in Lyon, France.

Karim Benzema is also awarded as the people’s favorite soccer player. Are you going to love him too after reading facts about Karim Benzema?