10 Facts About Karl Benz

Do you know about 10 facts about Karl Benz? Yes, he is the owner of the Benz Company in the 18th until 19th century. Today, we will give you some secrets about the founder of Marcedes Benz. He is also a ma behind the first tricycle motor in the world. His background as an engineer brought him with his passion to invent one new thing for the world. The engineer family background made him ambitious to learn more about machine. Let’s see some interesting facts below!

Facts About Karl Benz 1: The First Automobile Was Invented By Benz

In 1885, Benz automobile was first tested. He was the inventor of the first auto car. This happened because of his dream when he was little. Benz loved biking. He always went with his bike everywhere. However one day he thought that he wanted something that could be sophisticated enough for people. Then he invented the auto mobile.

Facts About Karl Benz 2: Began With His Dream, He Made The Horseless Carriage

In the beginning, he was staring at his lovely bike. He was thinking that he could do something to change the bike with his knowledge. Finally, he learned a lot about machinery and he finally decided to make the horseless carriage. The form is like normal carriage but with machine.


Facts About Karl Benz 3: Sarah Benz Was His Dream Wife

Together with his wife, Karl Benz built his own company in auto car. Sarah Benz was his dream wife since they could work together to run the small company he had at that time.

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Facts About Karl Benz 4: Motorized Tricycle Appeared in 1885

Finally, in 1885, the motorized tricycle was rewarded as the first horseless carriage in the world. It was the beginning of the success of Benz Company.

Facts About Karl Benz 5: He Came From Engineer Family

Benz father was an engineer. He died because of pneumonia. After the death of his father, Karl Benz should work for his family. He worked as a clock repair at that moment while working on his project in the university.

Facts About Karl Benz 6: Benz Co. Was Succesful

After the long run, Benz Co had many employers. In the beginning it was just him and his wife. But then, after the release of auto mobile, his company grew so fast.


Facts About Karl Benz 7: Gottlieb Daimler Was His Rival In Bussiness

Daimler became his rival in running the business.Benz was not as good as Daimler for creating the machine. Daimler’s has the complete machine for the auutocar.

Facts About Karl Benz 8: The Economic Depression Affected His Bussiness

The World War I became the turn down for both Benz and Daimler company. They finally decided to work together in inventing cars.

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Facts About Karl Benz 9: Marcedes Benz Was Invented

Both Daimler and Benz agreed that they will build a company. It was Marcedes Benz.


Facts About Karl Benz 10: Benz Died Two Days After He Got The Honour

Two days before he died, the world announced that Karl Benz is the inventor of the first auto mobile. Thank you, comrade!

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