10 Facts About Karl Jenkins

The well known 20th century composer will be revealed in 10 facts about Karl Jenkins. He is one of the most prominent composer who works in contemporary music. His talent can be seen through his work and his performance in composing and conducting the Orchestra. Karl Jenkins live in Wales. His work is famous in Great Britain although finally the people around the world listen to his music. In the past he created a jazz band, but eventually he decided to work by himself. His friend then joined to English rock and prog jazz Soft Machine. While Jenkins continued working on his compose.

Facts About Karl Jenkins 1: A Contemporary Composer In 20th Century

Jenkins is one of the popular contemporary composers in 20th century. His work has been awarded in several countries across Europe and United Kingdom. The work of Jenkins is mostly in contemporary music and progressive music.

Facts About Karl Jenkins 2: Piano Was His First Lesson

When Jenkins was young, he showed his interest in music. The father paid s much attention on it, so he brought Jenkins to a piano lesson. After he mastered piano, he continued to learn oboe, saxophone, and many other instruments.


Facts About Karl Jenkins 3: An Artist Family In The 20th Century

All members of Jenkins family is artist. His father is also musician in England. His passion in art comes genetically from the big family, especially Jenkins’ father.

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Facts About Karl Jenkins 4: The Legendary Jazz Band “ Ronnie Scott” Was His Band

Before he came into decision to make and focused on his music, Karl Jenkins is the member of Ronnie Scott group.It is actually a jazz club in UK and now they are still playing the finest jazz in the hotel. However, Karl Jenkins then decided to move and to work for his own so he left the group.

Facts About Karl Jenkins 5: After Leaving The Band He Continued Making Music For Advertising

The career of Jenkins didn’t stop after he left the group. With his skill in music, many factories wanted him to work together to promote the company with music. So Jenkins then made his advertising music for several car companies such as Volvo, BMW, and many more.

Facts About Karl Jenkins 6: Now, Jenkins Is Well Known in His Adiemus Project

The latest work of Jenkins is Adiemus. This music has been played in several places in the UK. Not only that, Adiemus is awarded as the best music across the country.


Facts About Karl Jenkins 7: He Is The Composer Of The Royal Ballet Orchestra Of Wales

Going through the difficulties, Karl; Jenkins then got a nomination for the best contemporary composer in the UK. He plays together with the orchestra in Royal Ballet Orchestra of Wales.

Facts About Karl Jenkins 8: Jenkins Became The Top World Composer In 2009

He received many awards in 2009, including the top world composer for contemporary music.

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Facts About Karl Jenkins 9: He Received Many Awards For His Works In Britain

Jenkins particularly works in Britain. Since he was born in the UK, he focuses his work as a composer in his birthplace.


Facts About Karl Jenkins 10: Classical Hall of Fame Is His Second Home

Now, he works more in Classical Hall of Fame to give arrangement of classical music and also promoting his work with the orchestra.

Now, you can listen to Adiemus, the work of Jerkins, while reading facts about Karl Jenkins.