10 Facts About Karl Lagerfeld

Everyone knows about Karl Lagerfeld but they don’t know about the truly facts about Karl Lagerfeld. The world fashion designer who has many designs since in the 80’s. Although he is German, but he works in France. Since 1984, Lagerfeld was working for Coco Chanel. Now, his fascinating work is famous around the world. There are 10 facts about Karl Langerfeld that some people rarely know.

Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 1: Lagerfeld is a German Origin

He was born as Karl Otto Lagerfeld. After his work being famous, he decided to change his name into only Karl Lagerfeld.

Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 2: When He Was Teen, He Was Working As Pierre Balmain’s Assistant

When normally teenagers at age 17 are hanging out with friends, Lagerfeld was working with Pierre Balmain as his assistant. Pierre Balmain has been a famous fashion designer since 1914.


Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 3: Lagerfeld’s Career Was Increasing Around 80’s

Around 1982 and 1984, Lagerfeld was a busy designer. He got so many clients since he’s getting famous after his designs were introduced to the world.

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Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 4: He Played The Scandal With His Models

There are so many models he has been working with. Some of them went into a scandal with him especially to ask for wearing fur materials.

Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 5: Lagerfeld Did An Impressing Diet Ever!

One of the controversial thing about Lagerfeld is his diet. To the media, he said that one day he woke up with a feeling embarrassed for his body. It was because he wanted to wear design that would only fit for a slim body. Then he decided to take diet. He succeed to lose his weight until 40 kg. After that he finally published a book called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 6: He Got Caught By PETA Because Of His Collection

As he loved to use fur as the design materials, he got several warning from PETA, an animal care organization, for his product.


Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 7: Lagerfeld Also Join HnM For Designing Look

In 2010, he offered his design for joining HnM. HnM then made a Lagerfeld Design Season for him.

Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 8: Black Lively And His Chanel Collection

He is in love with Black Lively, an American model, who he believes as the role of American Dream girl. She then was chosen as the Chanel Ambassador for bags collection model.

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Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 9: Coca Cola Got His Design Recently

Not only designing dress, Lagerfeld also gave his passion to Coca Cola Company. He made three different designs for Coca Cola Bottles.


Facts About Karl Lagerfeld 10: Technology Is Not His Interest

Karl Lagerfed doesn’t care at all with technology. He doesn’t even have smart phone or television. What he wants everyday is reading, sketching, and designing. Technology ruins those three things.

Those are several unknown facts about Karl Lagerfeld!