10 Facts About Karl Landsteiner

Karl Landsteiner is the one of interesting people who will be discussed in 10 facts about Karl Landsteiner. Do you know that he is the father of blood transfusion? His invention helps the people especially for those who needs blood transfusion nowadays. Landsteiner, who has interest in biochemistry, try to analyze the blood groups. There are many functions that we can find by his invention. We can do our diet as well based on our blood. So, are you curious? Let’s have this article!

Facts About Karl Landsteiner 1: Vienna Is His Birthplace

Karl Landsteiner was born in a small beautiful city in Vienna. His father was not even a doctor or biologist, but worked as a journalist and publisher.

Facts About Karl Landsteiner 2: Diet on Work Composition Was His First Published Paper

If you are now on a diet program, you can try the diet method based on your blood groups. Recently, this method is famous among the people who are on a healthy diet. Diet based on the blood type and group was first introduced by Landsteiner. He did the first book which was Diet on Work Composition and it was best seller book at that time.


Facts About Karl Landsteiner 3: During His Life, He Studied Biochemistry in Three Places

His passion in biology and biochemistry didn’t stop. He continued his education by taking biochemistry as his main concern. There were three places where he studied biochemistry; Zurich, Wurzburg and Munich.

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Facts About Karl Landsteiner 4: Landsteiner Worked On Syphilis Immunology

Besides his invention, Karl Landsteiner also worked on Syphilis immunology. He discovered this work and continued to work in Wasserman Reaction.

Facts About Karl Landsteiner 5: In 1901, He Discovered The Blood Groups

He got an enlightenment in 1901 when he discovered the blood groups. In his research, he found that it is important to separate the type blood. Later, his invention became appreciated by the people around the world. His theory was also used by hospitals around the world.

Facts About Karl Landsteiner 6: In 1930 He Received Nobel Prize

Landsteiner received a Nobel Prize for his discovery in blood types.


Facts About Karl Landsteiner 7: His Successful Work On Transfusion Was First Used By Mount Sinai Hospital

New York Hospital, Mount Sinai appreciated Landsteiner work by introducing the theory and used it in medical purpose. From now and then, the blood types theory is widely spread and used in the world.

Facts About Karl Landsteiner 8: Landsteiner Also Discovered Polio Virus

In 1911, Landsteiner found that there was polio virus. This made him to create the vaccine for polio. Have you done the vaccine?

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Facts About Karl Landsteiner 9: Landsteiner Is Awarded As The Father Of Transfusion Medicine

After his long journey, his work is accepted by the medical and hospital around the world. He was announced as a father of transfusion medicine.


Facts About Karl Landsteiner 10: In 1946 Landsteiner Received Lasker Award

Lasker award became his last gift he got before his death. It was 1946 when finally he received the posthumous Lasker Award.

So, for you who love to do transfusion, remember Karl Landsteiner in this facts about Karl Landsteiner.