10 Facts About Karl Marx

We will surely surprise you by this 10 facts about Karl Marx. We know that all of you, or maybe some of you, have heard about him. He is a famous philosopher and also the father of socialism in 18th century. There are many things that can be discussed, but we only provide the top ten facts. Karl Marx is a German. He has a lot of ideas that many poeple and philosophers would impress at him. Besides, he is also consistent to be in his own ideology. The famous ideology is socialism. He is considered as anti-capitalist.Now, let’s start the journey about Karl Marx!

Facts About Karl Marx 1: The Genius Student In The University

Karl Marx is a genius student in the university. He is not only philosopher, but also a doctor of philosophy. His ideas has influenced many aspects including economics and philosophy.

Facts About Karl Marx 2: His Happy Family Life Seen From His Wife And The Six Children

Karl Marx has six children. All of them has the first name like her mother, Jenny. However, there is one of his kid hasn’t got any name since she died before she was born. Karl Marx lose 3 children because of the economical issue. He can’t afford money for proper foods.


Facts About Karl Marx 3: Marx Lived In A Poor Condition

At that time, Karl Marx lived in a very poor condition. He lived in London but he couldn’t afford the rent and so on. So, Friedrich Engels, his mate, help him financially 5 Euros monthly.

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Facts About Karl Marx 4: There Were Many Great Philosophers Influenced By Him

One of the great people who is influenced by him is Lenin. Lenin used the ideology of Marx to lead the country. Besides, Engels is also his fan. Engels later is influenced by Marx in his ideology of Marxism.

Facts About Karl Marx 5: During The University Time, Marx Was A Social Butterfly

Do you know the word Social Butterfly? It is a name for people who have a lot of debts. Yes, Marx had alot of debts when he was in the university. His father then paid for that.

Facts About Karl Marx 6: “Communist Manifesto” as Karl Marx’ Grand Work

The first book he published is ” Communist Manifesto”. Marx wrote this book in six weeks!


Facts About Karl Marx 7: He Was Confusing Towards His Followers

Marx is called a legend among the followers. However, he became the one who most people hated because of his attitude. Sometimes he was confusing about his statement to the people.

Facts About Karl Marx 8: Marx and His Parents Are Jewish Until 1816

Karl Marx is a Jew since he was born. When he was 35, he moved into Christian.

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Facts About Karl Marx 9: Karl Marx Lived As A Sick Man

There were many problems that Karl Marx had. One of them is the illness, little illness he had. He was insomnia and also had a lot of body problems.


Facts About Karl Marx 10: Marx’ Dream Was Became A Drama Critic Student

The only dream of Karl Marx is become a drama critic student. However, his father said he didn’t want to talk about Marx’s dream and it’s better if Marx focused on other things.

So, if you are a strict socialist, you are now enjoying facts about Karl Marx.