10 Facts About Karma

All the people in the world talk about karma, but some of them know about 10 facts about karma. The term karma is now popularly used in any kind of situation. It has been highly spread, even some teenagers know what karma is. However, people didn’t know about the secrets behind it. Karma has wide meaning. India is the country where Karma was first introduced. In every religion, karma does exist, however Buddhism and Hinduism are the two religions that have the basic concept of Karma. So, let’s go further with the real meaning of Karma. Check it out!

Facts About Karma 1: The Law of Causality in Buddhism and Hinduism

In both Buddhism and Hinduism, Karma is a law of causality. That in life, there are only two things; cause and effect. If we play good, we will get the good one as well.

Facts About Karma 2: Complexity Is The Word To Define What Karma Is

Karma in its root, has complex meaning. It is actually not just the law of causality. It is only the part that is easy to understand. The rest, there are many things that we can dig about Karma. One of them is about ethics.


Facts About Karma 3: India Is The Origin Of The Concept Of Karma

India is the birthplace of the word Karma. Ancient India until now, still uses karma as their concept of life.

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Facts About Karma 4: It Is Early Introduced On Vedic Sanskrit

Vedic Sanskrit has the original word of karma which is karman. This word means “work” and also “deed”. Here, Karma is often used in Indian rituals called Srauta.

Facts About Karma 5: Mahabarata In Hinduism Tells Us About Karma

The Book of Mahabarata has its complexion in teaching karma. There are many settings, character and story in each chapter that related to karma You can also find the sentence or phrase that has meaning about causality.

Facts About Karma 6: Buddhism Use Karma As A Fundamental Concept Of Life

Different from Hinduism, Buddhism uses karma as the concept of human life. In Hinduism, karma is related to some rituals and prayer, whereas in Buddhism, karma becomes the real concept that people act in their life.


Facts About Karma 7: Karma Also The Word Used In Jainism

Jainism, one of the ancient religion in India, also uses karma in their spiritual teaching. However, in Jainism the concept of Karma is different. It is not about rituals or concept of life, but the analogy that matters and consciousness are separated.

Facts About Karma 8: Jung Has The Scientific Concept For Karma

Carl Jung with his psychoanalysis theory also mentioned karma scientifically in his work and books. He emphasize on the things that are not made in conscious level, will be turned into fate. Does it make sense?

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Facts About Karma 9: In Christianity, Karma Also Metaphorically Taught

Karma basically taught in any religion, however, the way of delivering it is different. In Christianity, karma is not seen as clearly as in Buddhism and Hinduism. In both Buddhism and Hinduism, karma is seen as the philosophy of life. There are several verses that metaphorically said about karma.



Facts About Karma 10: Karma Plays An Important Role In Spiritism

Spiritism is considered as new age. The conception of karma in this believe is that the rule of karma itself; what goes around comes around.

So, if you have any other opinion of unknown information about it, let us now and we will discuss it further in facts about karma.