10 Facts About Karna

There are many things that we could learn from 10 facts about Karna. He is the protagonist in Mahabharata, the legend and the story of Hinduism. Besides his good looking character, Karna was as well a good person. Many people knew him as a loyal, brave, and trustful. Krishna and Duryodhan, the two grand Gods in Hinduism, put their trust to Karna. He was also a smart and difficult to defeat. Karna’s life was not always easy, but he was faithful to follow Darma moral lesson until his death. Check these facts about Karna and tell us how you think!

Facts About Karna 1: The Smart Creature in Mahabharata

Karna is famous with his character as a smart man in Mahabharata. Once, he helped to find sandalwood to cook food. However, he couldn’t find one. Karna didn’t want to go home with empty hand, so he got an idea to cut the arrow and bow he had, as it was made from sandalwood.

Facts About Karna 2: Karna Is A True Existentialist

Karna wanted to learn archery. However, the one who could learn it was only the one from Brahmin. He lied because he wasn’t a Brahmin so he could master archery. On the other hand, Karna knew that he had the ability in archery so he wanted to prove it, not to the people, but for himself.

Facts About Karna 3: He Is A Loyal Man

He was a right hand and a bestfriend of Duryodhan. It was because Karna was loyal to everyone and Duryodhan wanted him to be a bestfriend.

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Facts About Karna 4: His Power Is Not Easily Defeated

In Mahabharata, Karna was the only character who was powerful. He was more powerful than Arjuna.

Facts About Karna 5: Karna Is The Only Man Who Followed Darma Until The End Of His Story

The other loyal story of Karna was that he was loyal to Darma until his death. The last time he said before he died was that he was happy to follow Darma.

Facts About Karna 6: The Toughest Person In The Story

Krishna, the God and the king in the story admitted that Karna was the toughest person in the story. During the war, Krishna said to Arjuna that Karna was tougher than him.

Facts About Karna 7: He Was Asked To Be The King Of India

Krishna trusted Karna more than anything. One day, he asked Karna if he could be the king of India. With his humble attitude, Karna refused it.

Facts About Karna 8: The Legend Says He Is Krishna’s Creation

The powerful, loyal, and trustful image towards Darma, made the people believed that Karna was Krishna’s creation.

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Facts About Karna 9: His Struggle Is To Accept Himself As The Son Of Kunti

Karna did not want to be a son of Kunti. The long journey he had to face was to accept himself as a son of Kunti. Isn’t it a good lesson for all of us?

Facts About Karna 10: The Life Of Karna Is Tragic

During his life, Karna handled so many problems. Even during the war. He had to struggle being a person who followed the right path. It brought Karna to several difficult parts before he died.

You can open and read Mahabharata to check about these facts about Karna!