10 Facts About Karnak

Have you ever taught to go to Egypt? After reading these 10 facts about Karnak, we believe it will inspire you to fly there. Egypt, is a country where the two famous things exist: Sphinx and Pyramid. Those places are now considered as touristic places. However, we think that it’s better to give a new reference for those who love traveling with the unknown facts and references. Below are the secrets of Karnak, one of the biggest temple complexes in Egypt that most people have never heard of it.

Facts About Karnak 1: It Is A Decayed Temple That Constructed During The Reign Of Senusret I

Karnak is actually a decayed temple complexes that was built during the dynasty of Theban Triad. The dynasty wanted to build a holy city, but Senusret I should be the most important. This complex includes temples, chapels, pylons, and other temples that were constructed during the reign of Senusret I.

Facts About Karnak 2: Karnak Has Its Own Meaning

The name Karnak has its own origin. It means The Most Selected Places since Karnak is the main religion at that moment.

Facts About Karnak 3: The First Open Air Museum In The World

This is the first huge open air museum in the world. You can enjoy the buildings, temples, and the statues while enjoying the heat of the sun.

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Facts About Karnak 4: Cathedral Notre dame In France Is Smaller Than The Great Hypostyle Hall

There is Great Hypostyle Hall that is 54.000 square feet. Put Notre Dame on and it will be well fit.

Facts About Karnak 5: Think About The Modernity of Surgical Instrument? You Could Find It Here

There are many surgical instruments that are claimed to be the modern invention. Let’s keep it first. When you come to Karnak, you will see there are many surgical instruments that we use nowadays. So, do you think that we live in a modern era?

Facts About Karnak 6: Karnak Is The Name Of Egyptians’ Religion on the 18th Century

Karnak becomes the main religion for the people in Egypt on the 18th centuries. They worship Amon-Ra, the God that protects people.

Facts About Karnak 7: There Are Three Main Parts Of Karnak

Huge pillars, towering columns, and massive avenues of sphinxes are the main parts in the complex. Most of them stands 97 feet tall and weighs about 323 tons.

Facts About Karnak 8: Geese, Rams, And Cattle Are Sacred For Amon-Ra

Those three things are constructed to worship Amon-Ra. They are considered as the sacred and holy things that will bring their pray to Amon-Ra.

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Facts About Karnak 9: Kom Ombo Is Built For Worshipping The Two Gods

Kom Ombo is the temple that was built for Sobek and Haroeris. This is also the place where you can see and find the medical instruments such as prescriptions and other tools used by the doctor.

Facts About Karnak 10: You Can Find The Most Ancient Temple In The World Here

If you are long for finding the ancient temple, you can visit Horus At Edfu. This temple is well known as the most ancient one in the world.

If you are planning to visit Egypt, we recommend you to add the itinerary for Karnak. Your trip won’t be complete without visiting Karnak, the second most visited places in Egypt. So, what do you think about these 10 facts about Karnak?