10 Facts About Karnataka

India is an interesting state to write here in 10 facts about Karnataka. It has a unique culture and many rituals that we can explore. Karnataka is one of the parts that has many interesting things to see. For those who love traveling, Karnataka is the majestic scenery that represented through its culture. The characteristic of this place is that Karnataka is located in the Arabic Coastline. Can you imagine about the beauty of the mixed culture building? Let’s learn about it.

Facts About Karnataka 1: It Is The Capital and The Largest City of Bangalore

Karnataka is the largest city in Bangalore. The population is growing and it is considered as industrial city. Besides, Karnataka is the capital city of Bangalore.

Facts About Karnataka 2: The Origin Was Mysore State

Before the name is changed into Karnataka, it was Mysore state. Karnataka was created on the 1st November 1956.

Facts About Karnataka 3: There Are Two Important Rivers Which Play Role For The State

Karnataka has a lot of important natural resources. There are two things that play a role for the state; mountains and rivers. Krisna and tributaries and Cauvery and tributaries are the two important rivers in Karnataka.

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Facts About Karnataka 4: The Second Well Known Place To Visit In India Is Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is the second world famous place in the world. The design is pre-modern and the uniqueness can blow your mind. Besides, it’s also the second famous place in India after Taj Mahal.

Facts About Karnataka 5: Hindustani Music Comes From Karnataka

Have you ever heard of Hindustani music? If so, the origin of the music is Karnataka. The other music is Carnatic. The characteristic of the music is semi-meditation style, like the ritual prayer music for this region.

Facts About Karnataka 6: The Pre-Modern Dome In India Located In Karnataka

Gol Gumbaz of Bizapur is the name of the building. It has the beauty of Indian pre modern architecture.

Facts About Karnataka 7: The Second Famous World Waterfall Is Here

Karnataka has many places that labeled the most. One of the examples is the tallest waterfall on earth goes to Gerjopa. It is the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

Facts About Karnataka 8: There Are Three Main Important Festivals

Each region in India has their own rituals and festivals. The three festivals from Karnataka are Mysore Dussera, Karaga, Ugadi and Diwali. Are you curious about one of them?

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Facts About Karnataka 9: Mullayyanagiri Is The Highest Coast In Karnataka

It is the name of the peak in the west. The altitude of this coast is 1930 meters.

Facts About Karnataka 10: It Has The Most Popular Dance Too

This is one of the dances you must see during your visit in Karnataka. Yakshagana is the dance comes from the coastal district of Karnataka.

So, are you ready to get the next stamp on your passport? This is our recommendation of facts about Karnataka.