10 Facts About Kashmir Earthquake

10 facts about Kashmir earthquake will remind you all about the tragedy in 2005. It was a big natural disaster which was cause of the attacked between tectonic Eurasian plates and Indian. People were killed and injured; the city was dark because most of the buildings were destroyed. The morning had really broken. The trauma left in people’s mind. Below we provided the facts about earthquake in Kashmir 9 years ago.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 1: It Was 7,8 Magnitude That Destroyed Everything

The morning routines in Kashmir stopped. People were running around to save themselves. It was the big disaster that happened in Kashmir. The 7,8 scale richer magnitude earthquake took the life and destroyed the buildings.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 2: 4 Million People Were Then Homeless

The biggest earthquake in Kashmir left many people homeless. Approximately 4 million were homeless and they got disease during the recovery.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 3: There Were 86.000 People Were Killed, Including Children

Not only brought people to be homeless, but it was found that there were also 86.000 adults and children were killed and failed to save.

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Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 4: Kashmir Got The Highest Damage

Between Kashmir and Pakistan, according to the data, Kashmir got the biggest damage.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 5: There Were 32.000 Buildings Collapsed

The big city was totally damaged. There were total 32.000 buildings collapsed because of the earthquake. The streets were also lies into two parts.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 6: The Earthquake Happened In The Morning Indian Time

It was around 8 in the morning when the earthquake came. People were busy to prepare their morning routines before it happened. It was a tragic and mourn morning that brought people into trauma.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 7: After The First Shock, It Was 147 Aftershock Recorded

The biggest one came the first. However it didn’t totally stop. There were aftershocks that happened quite often. The biggest one was 6 scale ritcher.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 8: Indian And Eurasian Tectonic Plates Are The Main Source

It was Indian and Eurasian plates as the cause of the earthquake. However it was not easily detected by the seismograph.

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Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 9: The Strongest Aftershock Was 6,2 Scale Richer

6,2 scale richer drove people crazy. It was in one day and the frequencies were quite often.

Facts About Kashmir Earthquake 10: There Were Three Countries Affected

At least three countries were damaged. There were Kashmir, Pakistan, and Southern part of India.

Let’s ask to the universe for the peace of Kashmir and the world. We hope that you can feel the people in Kashmir after reading these facts about Kashmir earthquake.