10 Facts About Kashmir

What do you think when you hear about 10 facts about Kashmir? The famous Kashmir valley, we suppose. But wait, there many things that people don’t know about Kashmir. Kashmir is a state which belongs to India. It is surrounded by valleys, oceans and Himalaya. The best scenery you can find is when it comes to winter and spring. Valleys are the most attractive places for a visit. Besides, the people in this state are also welcome with their smile and their handmade products. There are plenty of products you can buy in Kashmir. One of them is pashmina. Prepare yourself to hail Kashmir!

Facts About Kashmir 1: The Capital Changes During Summer And Winter

This is a unique state we may have ever seen. There is a capital city changing during summer and winter. When summer comes, the capital is in Srinagar. However, when it comes to snow, Jammu becomes the capital of Kashmir.

Facts About Kashmir 2: There Are Hundreds Valleys In Kashmir

One of the familiar valleys the world knows is Kashmir Valley. Indeed, it’s a beautiful one. But do you know that Kashmir is the home of valleys? There are plenty beautiful hidden valleys that you can explore.

Facts About Kashmir 3: Main Place For Glaciers

Kahmir is also the main place for glaciers. As Himalaya is close to it, the glaciers flow through some rivers in Kashmir.

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Facts About Kashmir 4: Fly With The Gondola In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is the best place to enjoy the snow during your trip in Kashmir. There are gondolas and you can try it. Enjoy crossing the valley with white scenery.

Facts About Kashmir 5: The Home For Three Religious Ethnic Groups

Khasmir has three main parts where religious people live. First is Kashmir itself which home for Moslems. In Kashmir, the majority is Moslems who live peacefully with other religions. The second part is Jammu where you can find many Hindus are the majority. The last part is Laddakh where Buddhism and Tibetan culture grow as a majority.

Facts About Kashmir 6: Paradise In Mughal Garden

Like its name, Mughal garden which basically the big garden you can enjoy during your trip to Kashmir. Chasme Shahi is the famous Mughal Garden.

Facts About Kashmir 7: Three Nomadic Tribes Are Living In Kashmir

Kashmir is also home for nomadic tribes. At least there are three nomadic tribes living in Kashmir. Dogras, Gujjars and Gaddis are the tribes which are important in Kashmir.

Facts About Kashmir 8: Silk Worm Farming Increases The Economic Of The State

Silk is one of the best exports in Kashmir. They have good quality products that are quite expensive.

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Facts About Kashmir 9: Your Pashmina Is Fabricated In Kashmir

Do you like wearing pashmina? The history of pashmina comes from Kashmir. It has many good pashminas with different ornaments that wave on you!

Facts About Kashmir 10: Cricket Willow Is One Of The Main Products

Other potential productions in Kashmir are Cricket willow. The world trust Kashmir’s Cricket Willow as it is the best quality.

Well, are you triggered to prove this facts about Kashmir?