10 Facts About Kashrut

This time we are going to provide the article of facts about Kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws. Let’s read them out!

Facts About Kashrut 1: The Ancient Jewish Dietary Laws

Jewish has its strict rule in consuming foods. Kashrut is the rule to consume kosher foods. Kosher is the name of the foods that are allowed to eat in Kashrut rules. They also called this as the ancient Jewish dietary laws.

Facts About Kashrut 2: Egg That Contains Blood Are Discarded

In its belief, Kashrut prohibited to consume any kind of insects and animals. There are several animals that can be consumed with some exceptions. They also have rules in choosing the foods they consume. One of them is the egg. Sometimes when we buy eggs, we can see a red point in the yolk which is the embryo of the chick. For Kashrut law, it is forbidden to fry or boil an egg that contains embryo because it’s similar to eat chick. That’s why, if they find any red dot in the yolk, they will throw it away.

Facts About Kashrut 3: Boiling Egg Should Be Three At A Time

You can also prevent the prohibition by boiling three eggs at the same time. When you find an egg with blood in it, you can boil the two other eggs without red dots. It will be alright since the majority is the two eggs which don’t have embryo.

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Facts About Kashrut 4: Eating Insects Is Forbidden

In Kashrut law, eating insects is a big no. It means that Jews are not allowed to consume insects according to its law. In Jews tradition, when you sieved flour you need to use silkscreen net. It is because the normal one which is made from metal and plastic has the big net holes that can give the possibilities of insects to come in.

Facts About Kashrut 5: There Is Traditional Rules Of Eating Meat And Milk

Eating milk mix with meat is other forbidden thing. You can’t eat them together at the same time. What you need to do is give a waiting time between them For example; you can eat meat 6 hours after drinking your milk. However, in several Jewish traditions, they have different timing to consume both milk and meat.

Facts About Kashrut 6: Drinking Wine Is Accepted If Only The Wine Was Prepared By The Jews

Jews is accepted to drink wine, but the homemade wine. Why? Because they believe that wine is used in pagan ceremony and they are against paganism. So, they need to make their own wine to make the wine kosher, and even they have to open the bottle first to make the wine becomes kosher.

Facts About Kashrut 7: Kashrut Is A Commitment For Jewish

For the Jews, Kashrut is a commitment. It is quite difficult living tradition as the modern world provides many junk foods in the supermarket. However, the kids that haven’t been in bar mitzvah yet, can be tolerate.

Facts About Kashrut 8: To Consume Milk, You Need To See The Process Of Making It

Milk comes from cows and goats. To know if the animals are koshers, the Jews should be present in the process of making the milk. Slaughtering process counts in how to decide if the animals whether kosher or not.

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Facts About Kashrut 9: Liver Of Animal Can Be Consumed With Exceptions

As liver has so much bloody, it is basically can’t be said kosher in Kashrut law. However, it can be kosher by cooking it in different way. Other type of meats can be soaked and salted to make them kosher, but liver you just have to grill it.

Facts About Kashrut 10: Many Jews Prefer To Die Rather Than Break The Rule Of Kashrut

Since Kashrut is a commitment, many Jews dedicate their life to be strict with the rule. Some people prefer to die rather than breaking Kashrut.

Do you want to try Kashrut on your diet program after reading facts about Kashrut?