10 Facts About Kate Chopin

For those who study English literature we surely believe that they know about 10 facts about Kate Chopin. She was a powerful writer and author with her ideology. Many of her works contain feminism. She focused on the issue of adults and children in the society. During her era, patriarchy ruled the system. She broke the rules by writing novels and short stories. Do you want to know more about her? There we go!

Facts About Kate Chopin 1: An American Feminist Writer

Chopin is a feminist writer in the 18th until 19th centuries. She was born as Katherine O’Flaherty. Kate Chopin was born in 8 February 1850. Hmm, she is an Aquarian!

Facts About Kate Chopin 2: Her Concerns Were Adults And Children

As the country and the world concerned about men, Chopin broke it by concerning on adults and children with her ideology of feminism. She realized that women should be equal as well in many fields.

Facts About Kate Chopin 3: Vogue Published Her Literary Works

The famous magazine during ages, Vogue, always published her works. She wrote short stories that usually published every week.

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Facts About Kate Chopin 4: A Night In Acadia and Bayou Folk Are The Well Known Works

There are two literary legends of Chopin. First is A Night In Acadia which was published in 1897 and the second one was published in 1894. Both of her works became best sellers at that moment.

Facts About Kate Chopin 5: She Also Wrote Short Stories

Kate Chopin was also well known with her short stories. She wrote many short stories that attracted the world. The issue of gender equality still became her main focus.

Facts About Kate Chopin 6: One Of The Grand Novel Is The Awakening

Most of literature students must have heard of The Awakening. This is the novel that was written by her in the 18th century. The story is about Romance which took place mostly in Louisiana.

Facts About Kate Chopin 7: Chopin Is A Family Person

Chopin herself was a family person. She dedicated her life for her big family. After the death of her father, she became closer with her grannies.

Facts About Kate Chopin 8: The Characteristics Of The Story Is Always Taken From Louisiana

The setting of place she used in the most of her stories is in Louisiana and the gulf coast of Louisiana. She loved natures as her parents did.

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Facts About Kate Chopin 9: She Married To Oscar Chopin

Her family life was not as complicated as other authors. She married to Oscar Chopin and they had got 4 kids.

Facts About Kate Chopin 10: Brain Hemorrhage Was Her Cause Of Death

The cause of her death was brain hemorrhage. It was 22nd of August 1904. Before her death she made a quote, “When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease – of joy that kills.”

You can find one of her works in the nearest bookstores. Her mind blowing ideas inspired us to write these facts about Kate Chopin.