10 Facts About Kate Dicamillo

We come up to an idea to write 10 facts about Kate Dicamillo. As an English writer, not so many people know about her. She wrote many books for kids and adults, but mostly for kids. There are so many interesting things she has from her background until her career in writing. Her interest in kids is not without any reasons, she wants kids to express their emotions through writing. So, before talking too much, let’s check it out!

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 1: Dicamillo was born in Philadelphia

She was born in Philadelphia in 1964. Her real name is Katrina Elizabeth Dicamillo. She is now living with her family in Minessota.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 2: She published her first book when she was 36

Dicamillo loves writing. She also admits that she loves observing things. Her first published book was Because of Winn-Dixie (2000) and it was published when she was 36.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 3: Kate Dicamillo Loves Animals And She Creates It Through Her Works

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She uses animals for most of the characters in her book. It is because she loves animals. Besides, kids love animals. Since then, Dicamillo creates animals as the characters of her books.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 4: “I Don’t Like Writing.” She Said. But Now She Is An Author

Kate Dicamillo admitted that she hated writing. Once she got an essay task in her college about writing 500 words writing job, she didn’t even finish it.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 5: She Took an English Writing Course

Her passion to be a writer beat her up to take an English Writing course. During her course, she was trained to do many exercise in creative writing.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 6: Her Inspiration In Writing Comes From Little Things

Observing is her word. As Dicamillo is very observant, she usually observes a lot of things. It can be seen from her first experience in writing essay. She saw a man playing guitar and he sat on the sack. That was her first inspiration for her essay.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 7: Indoor Is Her Safest Place To Be

She suffered from pneumonia since she was little. Being outdoor will make her difficult so she chooses to be indoor all the time even if it’s a nice summer day.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 8: Dicamillo Is Such An Observant

Her ability to observe a lot brought her to the dream career.

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Facts About Kate Dicamillo 9: The Watsons Go to Birmingham Is Her Favorite Book

It was her first interest to read The Watsons Go To Birmingham. She then decided to transcribe the text to know about writing technique.

Facts About Kate Dicamillo 10: Camillo Used To Work In Book Warehouse

Before she has been a writer, she worked in a book warehouse. She was placed in the book section.

Kate Dicamillo is now working to write more books for kids. She expects to spread her books in the world and help many people through it. Is it such an inspiration for facts about Kate Dicamillo?