10 Facts About Kate Maryon

An inspiring figure and writer will be discussed in 10 facts about Kate Maryon. She is a true writer and author since all of her works are dedicated for kids. Maryon’s experience in her childhood makes her choosing this way as an author. Here are facts about Kate Maryon that you don’t know.

Facts About Kate Maryon 1: Maryon Is An English Author

She is an English author who writes so many interesting and inspiring books for kids. However, her works haven’t spread yet around the world. Only some people know outside England know her.

Facts About Kate Maryon 2: She Has A Sad Family Background

Kate Maryon was born in Teddington, Middlesex. She called her family background as a dysfunctional one. It was because her father did violence to her and her siblings. Even to her mother. Maryon loves her mother so much. That’s why she respected her mother even that her mom should work very hard for her and the family.

Facts About Kate Maryon 3: Trauma Was Her Issue In Her Childhood

Her experiences in childhood violence form trauma in her life. She became a shy kid when she was in an elementary school. Once she didn’t want to go to school and she decided to come home right after she saw the gate. Fortunately, her mother knew her condition and she was cool with that.

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Facts About Kate Maryon 4: She Raised Her Kids When She Was 23

Marton got pregnant when she was 23. In the following year she was pregnant again. However, during her second pregnancy, she decided to divorce. It was a good relationship with her ex husband.

Facts About Kate Maryon 5: Maryon Has Been Working In Homeopathy Since 1993

Homeopath is an alternative system of medicine that has been introduced since 17th century. Kate Maryon works on this as a homeopath since her failure in her first marriage.

Facts About Kate Maryon 6: Her Best Seller Book Entitled Shine

When you look at the cover, you will guess that it is a cute book. However, when you take a look on the content and the stories inside, Shine is full of tragedy and life struggles.

Facts About Kate Maryon 7: Maryon Loves Children Very Much

Her childhood background was the reason behind her attitude to kids. Since she was young, she never experienced a good story. She was alone exploring her world. So now she wants children to experience their world freely by writing and reading stories.

Facts About Kate Maryon 8: She Writes Book For Adults Too, But Mostly For Kids

Maryon focuses on writing stories for kids. Her works always related to the kids’ experiences and how kids struggle with life.

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Facts About Kate Maryon 9: Writing Is Her Only Therapy For The Psychological Problems

Kate Maryon said that writing is her therapy for her traumatic events during her childhood. By writing, she can express more and forget about the bad experiences she had.

Facts About Kate Maryon 10: She Helps Kids With Needs By Writing

Some kids were born with special needs, including the kids who have psychological problems. She try to help kids by doing some experiments in writing and reading any kind of books

We hope that you get some inspiration by reading the experience of Kate Maryon in facts about Kate Maryon.