10 Facts About Kate Middleton

It will be interesting to discuss about the facts about Kate Middleton. After the Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton becomes more and more famous. People love her inner beauty and the charming attitude. Besides, her style and also her life background has attracted so many people and also inspire the world. Her life in the Downtown Abbey is very interesting to discuss. Here are several facts that not so many people know bout her.

Facts About Kate Middleton 1: Kate Was Chosen As The Most Influential Woman By TIME Magazine

TIME magazine points on Kate Middleton as the most influential woman in the world. Her background, style, career, and also her multitalented ability, have charmed the world especially women.

Facts About Kate Middleton 2: Her First Meeting With The Prince Was When She Was In The University

She was in the catwalk with the dress for one occasion in the university. At that moment, Prince William attended the occasion as well. He continued to get to know each other until he finally decided to marry her.

Facts About Kate Middleton 3: Sports? She Is The Master

Do you think she is a feminine and Barbie style? Of course for some occasions it is an obligatory to wear such a dress or style. However, Kate is a lover of sports. She even got awards from her college about her winning in several championships.

Facts About Kate Middleton 4: Her Mom Was A Stewardess

Isn’t it shocking that her mother was an air stewardess? Well, not at all after you look at Kate Middleton.

Facts About Kate Middleton 5: Kate Is The Only Duchess Who Has Good Education Background

Kate Middleton is the only Duchess who has a good education. She finish her master degree and also she got several awards in sports fields.

Facts About Kate Middleton 6: Boris Bike Is Her Vehicle When She Is In London

Do you think that she will ride limousine or a fancy car everywhere? She usually rides Boris bike when she is in London.

Facts About Kate Middleton 7: Sir William Gascoigne Is Her Ancestor

Kate Middleton also has relation with George Washington. She is on the bloodline of Sir William Gascoigne, a Chief Justice Of England during the reign of King Henry IV.

Facts About Kate Middleton 8: Reiss Dress She Wore Was Sold Out Right After She Captured Wearing It

Once she captured a moment wearing Reiss dress, people noticed it. Soon after that, people were looking for the Duchess dress in Reiss and it’s sold out like a flashlight.

Facts About Kate Middleton 9: History Of Art Was Her Degree

Kate master History of Art since her degree was it. Sounds artsy, doesn’t it?

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 02: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge during Day 6 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Velodrome on August 2, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Facts About Kate Middleton 10: She Used To Work In Jigsaw Junior

What would you think about her life before she becomes the Duchess of Cambridge? She was working in Jigsaw Junior as a part time buyer. Kate Middleton life is humble since she doesn’t have any background from any kingdom.

Are you going to be her next fan after this facts about Kate Middleton?