10 Facts About Kate Moss

Let’s do 10 facts about Kate Moss! She is a super model who really attracts the world. Her career never ends since her first appearing on advertisement. Kate Moss is an English supermodel who beats Tyra Banks up with her fame. She also becomes the highest salary model with many controversial news. There are 10 facts that you can read below.

Facts About Kate Moss 1: Her Family Background Is Not Really Good

Her parents divorced when she was only 14. After that, her life was quite messed up.

Facts About Kate Moss 2: Once She Took A Psychological Test and She Accepted The Result Skeptically

When she was in a high school, she took a psychological test for knowing her talent. In the end, the result was she was suitable to be a supermodel or actress. However, young Kate Moss did not really care about that and thought that it just wasted a time to believe it.

Facts About Kate Moss 3: The Founder Of STORM Model Found Her In Her Way back To Bahamas

When Kate Moss flew back to Bahamas after vacation, STORM founder met her in the flight. Soon after that she became officially STORM model.

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Facts About Kate Moss 4: She Was In A Relationship With Johnny Depp

Kate Moss and Depp relationship was booming. The couple’s life was exposed often in the media. However, it didn’t last long since Depp was fed up with Moss’ hobby: partying all night long.

Facts About Kate Moss 5: Moss Loves Parties

She is the queen of the parties. That’s the only entertainment she can do besides her job as a supermodel.

Facts About Kate Moss 6: After Her Failed Relationship With Depp, She Was With Doherty

Doherty was her next boyfriend who soon became her ex-boyfriend. One year before her broke up, she gave Doherty a $28 million helicopter.

Facts About Kate Moss 7: The National Museum Of Britain Made Her Golden Statue

A 18 grams carat of Kate Moss is installed in The National Museun Of Britain.

Facts About Kate Moss 8: She Is The Highest Paid Model In The World

Kate Moss is the highest paid model who beats Tyra Banks. Her salary is nearly $50 million.

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Facts About Kate Moss 9: Her Naked Photo Sold For $7,2 Million

Once she did a naked photograph, it’s sold for $ 7,2 million!

Facts About Kate Moss 10: Social Media Is Her Biggest Disgust

Kate Moss hates social media. She can’t figure out why many people love to share their life and activities to the people they probably don’t know. It’s such a disgusting habit, she said.

Her life as a supermodel is difficult. However, she always knows the risk and how to deal with it. Tell us if you are inspired by today’s facts about Kate Moss.