10 Facts About Kate Roberts

The influential woman in 19th century is in our 10 facts about Kate Roberts. She is one of the most powerful writers in 19th centuries. Her creativity and smart attitude transformed the literary works into something deep. Do you want to know more about her? There you go!

Facts About Kate Roberts 1: She Is Known As The Queen Of Our Literature

Kate Roberts is known as the influential women writer at that time. She was announced as the queen of English and Welsh literature.

Facts About Kate Roberts 2: Kate Roberts Was A Teacher

During her work in writing, she also taught English in several schools. With her good education background, Kate Roberts was a teacher whose vision was very strong.

Facts About Kate Roberts 3: Not Only An Author, Roberts Is Also An Activist

Roberts is a nationalist. She worked as a nationalist activist and politician. Her strong perception broke the stereotype about women.

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Facts About Kate Roberts 4: Roberts Is A Welsh Author

She is a noble author of Welsh Language Literature Woman. Her literary works has been published throughout countries.

Facts About Kate Roberts 5: Writing Was Her Media To Express Her Loss To Her Brother

She had a trauma of losing her brother during the First World War. That experience brought her to the traumatic condition. She finally found the way to heal and to deal with it by writing.

Facts About Kate Roberts 6: Her First Published Short Stories Is O gors y bryniau (“From the swamp of the hills”)

Kate Roberts mainly wrote short stories. She was writing many short stories and published separately. Her first short story was The Swamp of The Hills. It was written in Welsh and has been translated into English.

Facts About Kate Roberts 7: Following The Short Stories, Te yn y grug  (“Tea in the heather”) (1959) Became The Most Successful Book

Besides, Robert is also well-known with her novels. She wrote several novels but not as many as short stories. Her booming and best seller novel was Tea in the Heather. It’s such an amazing fiction every literary student should read.

Facts About Kate Roberts 8: Known As An Author Whose Language Is Rich And Full Of Perception

As a woman, Kate was strong with her perception. Along with that, her writing ability was rich of vocabularies. Altogether was blended into one great literary work.

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Facts About Kate Roberts 9: Her Works Projects The People’s Struggle And Disillusionment

Kate Roberts paid so much attention to the people struggles and disillusionment. She looked after and also thought a lot about details. This made her writing and stories became famous with people problems.

Facts About Kate Roberts 10: Her Works Has Been Translated In Many Languages

Since her writing was mostly written in Welsh, people translated it into many languages that can be read by the readers around the world.

We are thankful for Kate Roberts. Her works can inspire many people in the world and especially change perspective of women in patriarchy system. What do you think about this facts about Kate Roberts?