10 Facts About Kate Winslet

Today we will tell you the facts about Kate Winslet. She is the famous British actress whom succeed in playing her role as Rose in Titanic. Kate is a well known actresses who has been in cinema for decades. Now, let’s have a look for our special menu today and enjoy its details!

Facts About Kate Winslet 1: She Has Trained As An Actress Since She Was 10

Kate Winslet has been working as an actress since she was 10. She took a drama school in Redroofs Drama School in London. Do you remember what did you do when you were 10?

Facts About Kate Winslet 2: Kate Used To Work In A Deli Before She Became An Actress

Before she becomes a famous actress like now, she used to work in a deli. In this place, Kate met the director for her first movie. Since then, the director chose her to play a role in the movie.

Facts About Kate Winslet 3: A Bucket Of Rose For Her Role As Rose In Titanic

How do you feel when a famous director finally chose you as the main role in the big project like Titanic? We bet you couldn’t thank the director enough. That was how Kate felt to James Cameron. She presented a perfect rose bucket for him. How sweet she is, isn’t she?

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Facts About Kate Winslet 4: When It Comes To Acting Her Dedication Is Insane

Do you know her role in Titanic? As one of the women main roles, Kate dedicated herself more than she could. Since the first shot, she was the only one who didn’t have wet suit like others. Can you imagine how cold was there? The shoot was taken mainly floating in the water and also swimming in a very cold.

Facts About Kate Winslet 5: Leonardo Dicaprio Is Her Soulmate

Don’t get us wrong. Soulmate here means bestfriend. As she was in one frame with Dicaprio and playing the same protagonist roles, they got the chemistry. Since then, they have been bestfriends. “ I always get emotional when I’m talking about Leo. My kids love him so much.” she stated once in her interview.

Facts About Kate Winslet 6: Her Beautiful Red Hair Was Just For Her Role

Rose’s redhead in Titanic look pretty amazing. However, it was not Kate’s real hair. Her real hair is sweet blonde.

Facts About Kate Winslet 7: Once She Was Chosen As Eowyn In Lord Of The Rings

After Titanic, she got so many offers for playing roles in the cinema. One of them is Eowyn in Lord of The Rings. The director once chose her to play Eowyn but finally Miranda Otto turned Kate down.

Facts About Kate Winslet 8: Kate’s Performance Called Many Oscar Achievements

Her dedication in the cinema and as an actress is more than you know. She got so many Oscars and she absolutely deserved it!

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Facts About Kate Winslet 9: Feet Is Her Favorite Thing

It’s kinda weird, isn’t it? Kate said that she put so much attention in her feet. Feet are the main focus for her when she does the treatment.

Facts About Kate Winslet 10: Ned Rocknroll Is Her Third Lovely Husband

Kate has got married three times. And her last husband is Ned Rocknroll who has got Abel Smith as his real name.

Are you one of Kate friends after reading this facts about Kate Winslet?