10 Facts About Katherine Paterson

Have you ever heard about the facts about Katherine Paterson? She is a creative Chinese born woman who dedicated her life to write children books. Her experience in writing stories are undoubtedly amazing. In her old age, she devoted herself to stay in National Libraries and keep working as a writer. Let’s take a look on her facts!

Facts About Katherine Paterson 1: Her Origin Is China

Katherine was born in China in 31st of October 1932. Yes! This is the day which Americans know as Halloween. She moved to many different places around the world before she was 18. One of the countries that she hated the most was Japan. Paradoxically, she felt safe and homy in Japan.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 2:  Katherine Is Famous As A Missionary

One of her childhood dream was to be an actress or a missionary. When she was growing up, she knew that her right path was being a missionary. Since then, Katherine was famous as a missionary around the world.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 3:  Bible And Christian Education Were Was Her Step Before Becoming A Writer

Katherine father was a missionary too. He was the vice president of Christian girls school. That’s why Katherine was educated among the Christian and religious family. This brough her to continue her education in Bible and Christian Education. This was her first path before she decided to be a lifetime writer.

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Facts About Katherine Paterson 4: She Married To A Pastor

Once it was known that Katherine got married to a Christian Pastor. Hmm..sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Facts About Katherine Paterson 5: Her Favorite Game Is Scrabble

Katherine loved to play words. This habit had been seen since she was a kid. When she was a kid,little Kate always took her time to play scrable or puzzle.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 6: Kate’s Literary Works Took Off In 1964

Kate’s career took off in 1964. By then, Katherine’s books and literaru works were published around the world. Her writing then became famous and had been sold all over the world.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 7: She Was Well Known As A Religious Woman

Katherine came from a religious family. She had grown in a family who had a true believe in Jesus Christ.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 8: National Children’s Book And Literary Alliance Is Her Place To Grow

She devoted her time as a writer in the National Children’s Book and Literary Alliance. Katherine wrote so many children books and her books were dedicated fully for kids.

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Facts About Katherine Paterson 9: Bridge Of Terabithia Is Her Debut

This is the book whose she inspired from the tragedy that happened to her son’s childhood friend. It was the death of him that made Katherine published this book. Later on, this book became her debut in literary world.

Facts About Katherine Paterson 10: Katherine Got 50 Awards From Her Books

Katherine’ s ability in writing books can’t be hesitated. She got so many awards from her writing and her dedication through sharing ideas in her books. Approximately 50 awards has been given to her.

Are you interested in reading her books after this facts about Katherine Paterson?