10 Facts About Katie Hopkins

This facts about Katie Hopkins will blow your mind. As she is known as one of the actress in The Apprentince, her attitude is out of mind! Well for you all who do not know her, let’s take a look on her life and what statements she has said in the TV show.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 1: She Is Famous As A Loathed Mouth

Her words in commenting someone is like uncontrolable, but really uncontrollable. She is well known as a loathed mouth which throws any words on public without thinking about it.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 2: Katie Said That Fat People Are Like Ginger In The Dark

Katie is also well known is an anti fat people. She has alot of opinions about fat people. It’s kind of her ideology to hate fat people. The famous comments of her that went viral in public was when she said, “ Fat people are like ginger in the dark.”

Facts About Katie Hopkins 3: She Ask Her Children Not To Be Friend With Fat People

She admitted that she and her kids do not really want to be friend to fat people. She also said to her kids to not having fun with fat people or being socially kind with fat people. Otherwise, they will have in trouble.

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Facts About Katie Hopkins 4: Her Hate To Fat People Continues To Grow

Like everytime she says words, she always explains about fat people and why she doesn’t want to get in touch with fat people. For her, fat people are the biggest mistake in the world.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 5: She Also Said That Full Time Mummy Is Not A Real Job

We know that being a full time mummy at home requires alot of energy. Taking care of the kids,dealing with households, and as well with the husband, will make you very tired. However, in Katie Hopkins’ view, working is in an office, not being a full time mother.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 6: Her Comments Are Like Out Of Control

Take a look or watch one of her interviews on TV! You cant even imagine how could that kind of words come to her mouth. Gosh!

Facts About Katie Hopkins 7: She Is Famous On The British Reality TV Program The Apprentince

The Apprentince is her debut career. She is famous from that reality show and she knows it very well.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 8: Kate Is Well Known As  A Racist And Sexist

When you see her commenting something or saying something in words, you would think that she is a truly sexist and racist, like Donald Trump. That’s what the world believes in and the world admits it like seriously.

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Facts About Katie Hopkins 9: She Put Comments To Everyone, Even To Bieber

She said that Bieber is the next Amy Winehouse. Someone who will crazily die because of the fame. As well his fame will be (again) being fat like Bieber’s.

Facts About Katie Hopkins 10: Kate Is Against Tattoo Like Insanely

It was in the show with someone who covers her body with tattoo. And you will guess what comments she got from Katie. Yes, Katie says that someone with tattoo is not good and they don’t even deserve a job in the office.

What do you think about her after reading facts about Katie Hopkins?