10 Facts About Katie Price

Facts about Katie Price will be shown as our next interesting page. Katie Price is known as a model and an actresses. She has a glamour life and known as her fairy tale wedding. This time, Worlds Facts will reveal all the facts that people didn’t know. Let’s check them out!

Facts About Katie Price 1: She Got Married in Las Vegas

Her first marriage to Alex Reid was celebrated in Las Vegas. The party was attended by hundred actors and celebrities. The wedding concept was glamour, like Price lifestyle.

Facts About Katie Price 2: Katie Comes From a Broken Home Family

Katie Price was born in May 1978. Now she is famous with her new name, Jordan. Her real name is actually Katie Price and it comes from his father, Paul Price. Katie’s parents divorced when she was four years old.

Facts About Katie Price 3: Left School When She Was 16

Her education background was not as good as it seemed. She actually decided to leave school when she was 16. Her interest in academic subjects was not as high as her passion in sports.

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Facts About Katie Price 4: Her Family And Friends Encouraged Her To Be A Model

With the support of her family and friends, she applied to an agency when she was in holiday. And Voila! She was accepted as the model and till now she is also famous as a beautiful model and celebrity.

Facts About Katie Price 5: She Got Her Breast Implanted When She Was 19

Continuing her performance as a model, Katie Price decided to implant her breast when she was 19. She finally got 32 FF after it.

Facts About Katie Price 6: Plastic Surgery Is Such An Addiction For Her

After her breast got implanted, she didn’t stop to do ‘revision’for her body. Her hips and tighs were also brought to the plastic surgery . Wow!

Facts About Katie Price 7: One Of Her Son Was Born Blind

Katie has got three children. One of them is Harvey, her son with Dwight Yorkhe. Harvey was born blind and he suffers from a growth defect. The other two were born normal.

Facts About Katie Price 8: She Got Married to Peter Andre In A Happily Ever After Wedding Concept

Her wedding with Peter Andre was unbelievably glamour. It was set to be a fairy tale concept and Katie was the princess for her celebration.

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Facts About Katie Price 9: Katie Made Her Charity By Doing DIY Work

She made her own lingerie, writing books, designing clothes and many more. All of money she got was for charity.

Facts About Katie Price 10: On 2013 She Spoke In Public That She Got Raped By Unnamed Celebrity

After she divorced from Alex Reid she finally opened to speak up in public that on 2013, an unnamed celebrity rapped her.

Her career and experiences are full of controversies. We did not know exactly but the facts we have written are definitely true. Keep reading facts about Katie Price!