10 Facts About Katie Taylor

We are going to talk about facts about Katie Taylor. She is a great teenage boxing champion. Although she is still young, there are many championships she has won till today. Are you curious? Have a look!

Facts About Katie Taylor 1: Katie And Boxing Are Soulmate.

Not only soulmate, both of them are a lifetime couple. The history comes from her family. Katie’s parents are both in love with boxing. Her father was a boxing championship and her mother was a boxing referee. What a combination, isn’t it?

Facts About Katie Taylor 2: She is a Proud Irish

When she was adult, she didn’t take French class like other adults, but she chose taking Gaelic class. Gaelic is the original language that are used by Irish people. She said that she loves and proud to be an Irish so she wants to take care of the language.

Facts About Katie Taylor 3: Her First Boxing History Was When She Was 15

It was in October 2001, in her 15, she made the history that she won the boxing championship in Ireland. The fight was with Alana Audley who was a year older than her. Taylor beated up Audley by 23-12.

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Facts About Katie Taylor 4: A Sweetest Gift in Her Sweet 17

The second history was made by winning the gold Medal at the Senior European Boxing in Dublin. Eva Wahlström from Findland was defeated in the final round.Additionally, she is the first Irish woman who won the gold medal.

Facts About Katie Taylor 5: Taylor Is Unbreakable Boxer

There are four championships she has won in AIBA Woman’s World Boxing Championship. She did it after her name was announced as the first Irish woman who won the medal.

Facts About Katie Taylor 6: Invitation to the White House

Barrack Obama and the First Lady invited Katie Taylor to come to the White House. They were talking about dedication and Obama was interested in Taylor’s motivation and passion in reaching hr dream. Katie Taylor said it was the biggest honor in her life.

pics jim walpole star 13/08/2012
pic of boxer katie taylor with her gold medal at her homecoming in bray county wicklow.

 Facts About Katie Taylor 7: Taylor Is Also A Soccer Player

Taylor’s passion is probably in sports. Besides boxing, Taylor is also atalented soccer player. She has played for Ireland in International Championship. However, she explained that boxing is ther number one sport and she admitted that she couldn’t live without boxing.

 Facts About Katie Taylor 8: A Sporty and Artsy Woman

Hey, it’s just a perfect combination for a woman. After she got her certificate which equals to SAT, she decided to be a uni student in arts degree in University College Dublin. However, she dropped it since she wanted to focus in her boxing career.

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 Facts About Katie Taylor 9:  Taylor Loves A Verse Reading And Listening To Music

Especially to her favorite verse in the bible that talks about preparation before fighting. She also loves listening to music that has the same theme.

Facts About Katie Taylor 10: She Has A Very Humble Dream: Making Women’s Boxing Included In Olympic Sport.

And her dream comes true. She fights in the Olympic for Woman’s Boxing.

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