10 Facts About Katniss Everdeen

If you are a fan of Hunger Games you must be familiar with facts about Katniss Everdeen. She is one of the main characters in the movie. Her main role is to protect and to save many people. Her performance is also insane when she is in the arena. Now, let’s see facts about her that you probably didn’t know!

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 1: Katnis Lives in a Coal Miner’s Region

District 12 is the place where the coal miners live with their families. This condition makes her, as a teenage girl, becomes strong enough to face the difficulties happened to her families. The name of the country is Panem

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 2: Her Likes Stuff Are Man’s Things

Katniss has several things she likes including bows, arrows and also lamb stew. Those things are usually used by men to fight in the arena. Since Katniss lives to haunt and to survive for her family, she used to learn how to use those things.

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 3: She Doesn’t Like Strange Things Tho

While many girls love to get their leg hairs waxed, Katniss hates it the most. She also doesn’t like cat family. So beware if you love pet from the cat family.

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Facts About Katniss Everdeen 4: Katniss Is The Leader of Her Family

After her father passed away, she becomes the leader for her family. Her mother can’t deal with the reality that her father has passed away, so the mother falls into a deep deppression. Katniss, then becomes a chief cook and a bottlewasher, like his father did in the past. This saves her and her family into starvation.

 Facts About Katniss Everdeen 5: Katniss Is The Girl Yet The Boy

What she does for her family is not a normal activity for a girl. She has to haunt everyday to fill the needs of the family. This is the root of her protection instict.

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 6: Not Only In Her Family, She Is Also Strong In The Arena

Since she has been learning how to protect her family, she becomes the one who is well known with her protective instinct. This is the reason why she joins District 11 where many people with protective instinct live together.

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 7: Her Skill In Hunting And Tracking Is Splendid

Being a daughter of a coal miner and she has to cope with the condition, makes Katniss becomes a strong person. She has a good skill in tracking and also hunting, and these skills are far more better than Peeta, a son of a baker.

 Facts About Katniss Everdeen 8: The Focus of Her Life Is To Stay Alive

This makes her an adaptable person. To stay alive she has to do anything, whatever it takes. That is why she has many skills such as fighting, hunting, fishing and trapping.

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Facts About Katniss Everdeen 9: Just Special People Would Love Her

She has the inner beauty, the strong one. She is not beautiful like the other girl characters in Hunger Games, but she has the skills that many girls don’t have. This makes her becomes a complex character that people rarely love.

Facts About Katniss Everdeen 10: Cinna, Her Stylist, Transform Her Into A beautiful lady

Many people don’t know that Katniss can magically transform into a beautiful lady. That’s because the hand of Cinna, her stylist. Be prepared to see her in the ceremonies!

Are you happy with this facts about Katniss Everdeen?